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Lord Howe Island Weekend Getaway

Less than two hours to the south of Sydney by plane, Lord Howe Island is an idyllic paradise for people who wish to explore some of the city’s nearby gems. Regardless of whether you decide to tour the Admiralty Islands or go kite surfing over the open seas, Lord Howe island will give you fond memories of incredible natural wonders.

Things to see and do on Lord Howe Island

Charter a boat to visit the Admiralty Islands, volcanic rock formations that rest off the coast of Lord Howe like red gems in a sea of blue.The Admiralty Islands are an excellent opportunity to learn about geological formations, but you will also appreciate seeing the diverse fish that live in the area if you’re interested in fishing.

After you have whetted your appetite for the ocean’s treasures, go to Erscott’s Hole. This area is a sheltered coral reef that is home to over 500 species of fish. In addition to this impressive array of fauna, the seafloor near Erscott’s Hole is covered with unique rock structures and vegetation. Areas like this are always in the dreams of avid snorkelers, so it should come as no surprise that Erscott’s Hole attracts many underwater explorers each year.

Visit Balls Pyramid. Located 23 kilometres off the coast of Lord Howe Island, Balls Pyramid is the largest sea stack in the world. While the precipice of this stack is over 500 meters tall, its truly incredible features are beneath the water’s surface. Balls Pyramid is home to numerous caves, so it is a popular location for experienced divers. If you’re an adventurer with some diving experience, you may want to rent a tank to check out the deep crevices and caves of this world-famous rock formation.

To give your sea legs a rest, travel to Little Island in the southwestern portion of Lord Howe. This is an ecologically diverse area that is known for its birds and marine life. Little Island is also home to an ancient Banyan forest that was likely explored by ancestors of the Polynesian people before they migrated to other islands in the Pacific.

Neds Beach – Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

Overlooking the pristine waters of Neds Beach.

When you’re ready to relax, go to Neds Beach. This area is ranked as the cleanest beach in Australia, so you’ll definitely enjoy a quiet walk after a long day of excitement.

If looking at jaw-dropping views of incredible natural formations is not enough to impress you, then consider participating in some of the many heart-pounding activities that Lord Howe Island offers. Since the stretch of water between Lord Howe and the Australia’s mainland is large, strong winds often form. This allows some visitors of the island to enjoy kite surfing.

Once you’re accustomed to the sky above Lord Howe, go to Mt. Gower for one of the most arduous climbs in Australia. From sea level to the summit of Mt. Gower, this climb measures out to 875 metres. This trek lasts eight hours for advanced climbers, so you should come prepared with food, water, and emergency supplies. You should also be ready for sudden drops, rope-guided climbs, and treks along Mt. Gower’s ridges.