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Groote Eylandt Weekend Getaway

Groote Eylandt is the largest island in the Groote Archipelago. This island shelters a variety of wonderful plants and animals, and it is a great place to learn about Aboriginal culture. The island is situated in the centre of the Gulf of Carpentaria, so you will be amazed by stunning marine views. While many locations on Earth have entered the 21st century’s age of technology, Groote Eylandt remains a pristine natural destination.


Groote Eylandt is the traditional homeland of the Anindilyakwa Aboriginal people. These Aborigines have lived on the Groote Archipelago for thousands of years. Anindilyakwa is still the official language of Groote Eylandt. When you visit the island, learn about the rich history of the local Aboriginal people. You will be inspired to learn about the mysteries of the world and its cultures when you hear about Anindilyakwa legends. Europeans first made contact with Groote Eylandt when the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman discovered the Gulf of Carpentaria. Tasman landed on the island in 1644. The name of this beautiful natural treasure comes from an old Dutch word for ‘large island’.

This wondrous landmass has hilly landscapes that are surrounded by a vast sea of sapphire of waters. When you explore Groote Eylandt’s rain forests, beaches, and cliffs, you will realise that you are in a tropical paradise. Your breath will certainly be taken away by the unforgettable natural gems that adorn the 2,400 square-kilometre island.

Things to see and do on Groote Eylandt

Begin your journey in Groote Eylandt by going on the fishing trip of a lifetime. The waters around Groote Eylandt shelter a variety of tough game targets, including sailfish, tuna, and Spanish mackerel. Feel the adrenaline pump through your veins as you battle one of these challenging targets.

Groote Eylandt, Northern Territory

Groote Eylandt is also a splendid area for watching birds. Since the area has not been corrupted by the pollution and developments of modern humans, many avian species can thrive. An islet off the north-eastern coast of the island is listed as an important bird area by BirdLife International. Ecologists and avian enthusiasts often travel to this destination to watch roseate terns.

Visit the beaches and lagoons of Groote Eylandt for a relaxing day under the sun. Feel the soothing warm sand beneath your feet as you sprint to the refreshing water that caresses the shore.

Getting there

Groote Eylandt is situated 50 kilometres off the coast of Australia’s Northern Territory. The island is located 630 kilometres north of Darwin, so you will require several means of transportation to get there. In the past, Groote Eylandt was off-limits to travellers who did not have permission from the Anindilyakwa people. This rule has been relaxed, but the area still only receives a modest amount of visitors.