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Cairns Weekend Getaway

Situated in the Far North region of the beautiful Australian state of Queensland, Cairns is an incredible location for exploring the great outdoors. Cairns is a major population centre in one of the most isolated regions of Queensland, but it offers access to the Coral Sea and various rain forests. You will certainly enjoy the lush green jungles before a day of serene relaxation at a pristine beach.


The wilderness areas around Cairns have been inhabited by the Aboriginal people for thousands of years. Several Aboriginal groups learned how to use the landscape to thrive and flourish in the Far North region of Queensland. When you venture into the wilderness of Queensland, you may learn about the culture and customs of the Aboriginal people. You can also learn interesting bush skills that you may use during your adventures in the great outdoors.

Cairns was founded in 1876 to serve gold miners in the Far North region. The city was named after Governor William Cairns of Queensland. The population of Cairns exceeded 20,000 people during its early days, but the city shrank dramatically after prospectors discovered more cost-effective ways to access gold deposits. After the gold rush, Cairns relied on the rail, shipping, and agriculture industries for income. These industries have remained important for Cairns, but the city now relies heavily on the tourism industry. The city’s convenient proximity to the Great Barrier Reef makes it an attractive destination for travellers from across the world.

Things to see and do in Cairns

Cairns is surrounded by lovely natural attractions that will awaken your adventurous spirit. Regardless of whether you are searching for a relaxing weekend or an exciting journey, Cairns will stimulate your senses with peaceful sounds and beautiful views. Begin your quest for relaxation by visiting Mission Beach. Mission Beach is a popular stretch of ivory sand that is sheltered by a dense forest. After you trek through the pristine rain forest, your feet will be massaged by soft white sand. After you have soaked up the sun, escape the stressful tolls of modern living by reading your favourite novel under a tree.

Mission Beach – Cairns, Queensland

Clear blue skies and low tide on Mission Beach.

Return to the inland areas near Cairns to tour the savannas. The savannas near Cairns are filled with interesting rock formations that may teach about the unique geological history of the area. Explore deep gorges before you crawl through narrow lava tubes. During your adventures, you may encounter wallabies and various seabirds.

Complete your stunning adventure in Cairns by visiting the wondrous Great Barrier Reef. Tour the underwater world by diving, or admire the reefs from the luxurious decks of a ship.

Climate conditions

Cairns has a tropical climate that makes it a popular place during the dry season. Between the November and May, Cairns receives heavy rainfall. Monsoons and cyclones are also common during the rainy season. The average monthly temperatures in Cairns range from 17 to 31 degrees. The area receives about 2,000 millimetres of rainfall each year.