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Fraser Island Weekend Getaway

Located 200 kilometres north of Brisbane, Fraser Island is a location that is easy to access from major urban centres in Australia. Fraser Island is part of the Wide Bay-Burnett region of Queensland. With its pristine beaches and pleasant seaside views, Fraser Island is a paradise for Australians who love serene natural environments.

Situated between Harvey Bay and the South Pacific Ocean, Fraser Island is massive. The distance from the northern point to the southern point is 120 kilometres. The island has a width of 24 kilometres. Fraser Island is also the largest sand island in the world.

Things to see and do on Fraser Island

Fraser Island has many natural wonders. With rain forests, mangrove forests, swamps, sand dunes, and coastal habitats, the island supports a wide array of plants and animals. When you visit Fraser Island, keep an eye out for exotic animals. In the forests and clearings of the island, you may encounter a variety of mammals. Some of the mammals that can be found on Fraser Island are wallabies, echidnas, sugar gliders, flying foxes, and dingoes.

A diverse community of reptiles and amphibians live in the jungles of Fraser Island. If you are quiet during your treks through the forest, you may spot goanas, snakes, and frogs. Be careful when you venture near waterways; saltwater crocodiles have been spotted on Fraser Island.

Lake McKenzie – Fraser Island, Queensland

Lake McKenzie is a freshwater lake on the world’s biggest sand island, Fraser Island.

While Fraser Island is an ecologically diverse area, you will be impressed by the sheer beauty of the area’s geological features, such as Lake McKenzie. Unlike most bodies of water, Lake McKenzie is not fed by waterways or groundwater. Instead, Lake McKenzie is filled solely by rainwater. This rainwater is filtered by silicon sand. These natural processes have caused Lake McKenzie to be filled with clean freshwater. While the water may not be suitable for consumption, the low concentration of nutrients and sediment in the lake prevents the development of life. In many ways, Lake McKenzie is similar to a modern swimming pool. Swim in the refreshing waters of Lake McKenzie after a day of adventure, or enjoy a relaxing nap on the beach.

Awaken your adventurous side by climbing the sand dunes of Fraser Island. These tall sand dunes are steep, and they will challenge your ability to trek across the landscape. If you enjoy extreme sports, use a sandboard to ride the slopes back to the beach. From the top of the sand dunes, you can also admire the sparkling views of the South Pacific Ocean.

If you have access to a 4WD vehicle, explore Fraser Island’s beach highway on 75-mile Beach. The beach highway is reserved for 4WD trucks, cars, and all-terrain vehicles. Enjoy an exciting adventure as you travel along the coast of Fraser Islands at heart-pounding speeds.