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Rainbow Beach Weekend Getaway

Rainbow Beach is a popular holiday destination in Queensland. This coastal town is located in the Wide Bay-Burnett region of Queensland, and it is easily accessible from Brisbane, which is just 239 kilometres away. Rainbow Beach has a small population of approximately 1,100 people, but it receives over 70,000 visitors each year. The town of Rainbow Beach is surrounded by dunes, beaches, and forests, so you will certainly be able to explore the wonders of nature.


Rainbow Beach is named after the multi-coloured sand dunes that are situated outside of the town. These colourful mountains of sand are painted by various elements. The most common contents of these dunes are rutile, zircon, and ilmenite. Your eyes will feast on a vibrant scene of red, yellow, and black hues. According to the stories of the local Kabi Aboriginal people, these rainbow dunes hold the spirit of Yiningie. Yiningie is an ancient spirit who protects the Kabi people from the corrupted souls of evil tribesmen. After you encounter this amazing natural wonder, travel to the main beach for a day of relaxation.

Things to see and do at Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is a perfect destination for family holidays. The waters of this area have modest swells, so you can enjoy a comfortable day of swimming. Use your swimming skills to battle oncoming waves, or simply wade in shallow areas. If you are a serious swimmer, the Woondum Rock Pools of Rainbow Beach are a perfect destination. The waters of the Woondum Rock Pools are completely protected from the waves. This swimming area is also suitable for small children and weak swimmers.

Rainbow Beach, Queensland

Beautiful sunset at Rainbow Beach.

If you enjoy long treks through the wilderness, visit Great Sandy National Park. Great Sandy National Park hugs the inland side of Rainbow Beach, and it has numerous walking tracks. The northern junction of the Cooloola Great Walk is situated in the park, so you will be challenged by an area that is characterised by rough terrain and majestic coastal views. From sparkling waters to dense forests, Great Sandy National Park never fails to impress its visitors.