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Sunshine Coast Weekend Getaway

Located just 100 kilometres north of Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast is an area of Queensland that is full of cultural attractions and urban amenities. When you visit the Sunshine Coast, explore its pleasant beaches and national parks. With popular locations like Coolum Beach and Noosa National Park, you will be impressed by the raw beauty of the Sunshine Coast.

If you would like a break from the crowds and distractions of modern living, go to one of the Sunshine Coast’s amazing nature reserves. Some of the best parks in this area of Queensland are Mapleton Falls National Park, Kondalilla National Park, Glass House Mountains National Park, and Great Sandy National Park.

Things to see and do on the Sunshine Coast

When you begin to explore the various natural wonders of the Sunshine Coast, you will be awed by breathtaking views of mountains, waterfalls, and seas. Start your adventure on a high note by exploring Mapleton Falls National Park. This park is not large, but it offers views of impressive mountains on the Blackall Range.

If you travel from the town of Mapleton to Pencil Creek, you will be rewarded with amazing views of the area’s grandest waterfall. Located on Pencil Creek, Mapleton Falls has a total height of 120 metres. This massive cascade feeds refreshing water into a pool. Listen to the music of the water rushing into the pool, and think about your adventures in the Sunshine Coast. From Mapleton Falls National Park, you may also connect with the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk. This bushwalking track will guide you along a long stretch of the Sunshine Coast, so come prepared for a multi-day adventure in the wilderness.


Lake Weyba – Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Picturesque view of Lake Weyba, Sunshine Coast.

After you have appreciated the peaceful scenery of Mapleton Falls National Park, go to Kodalilla National Park. Kondalilla National Park is part of the Blackall Range. Appreciate the quiet atmosphere of the park as you trek to Kondalilla Falls. Kondalilla is a small waterfall that feeds into a large pool of cool water. Enjoy a refreshing swim before a waterside picnic with your companions. Kodalilla National Park is home to various fauna, including the rare pouched frog. If you see this rare creature, be sure to take a photograph to share with your friends at home. Kodalilla National Park is also an ideal destination for avian enthusiasts; the park’s habitats support over 100 species of birds.

Continue your awe-inspiring journey through the Sunshine Coast by visiting Glass House Mountains National Park. This heritage-listed park is filled with amazing views of mountains and vast plains. One of the most interesting landmarks in this park is Mount Coonowrin. This mountain is located in a green sea of grass, and it juts upward to the sky like a chimney. Trek to the top of the Glass House Mountains as you admire the intricate formations of volcanic rock.