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Hobart Weekend Getaway

Located on the wild island state of Tasmania, Hobart is an impressive location that consistently impresses travellers and locals alike. With its vast valleys, seemingly endless ocean views, and untouched wonders, it can seem like Hobart and its surrounds are isolated from the rest of the world. Visit Hobart to enjoy a diverse selection of natural attractions. From granite mountains to lush valleys, the Hobart area offers plenty of opportunities that are both exciting and enjoyable.

Things to see and do in Hobart

To begin your adventure on a high note, go to the Franklin River. The Franklin River is located west of Hobart. Known for its violent rapids and clean water, the Franklin River offers a significant challenge to experienced paddlers. While using a kayak is not recommended for most people, rafting with a trained guide is a practical and safe option. Since it has flooded several gorges during its existence, the Franklin River is an amazing waterway that will show you the power of nature. Experience the chilling waters as you navigate the treacherous Franklin River. Fewer than 500 people attempt to conquer the challenges of this river each year, so prepare yourself before you start your journey.

After you have encountered the fiercest river in Tasmania, go to the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park for a calming experience. This conservation area helps stabilise the population of the endangered Tasmanian devil. At this park, you can observe rare Tasmanian devils as they are cared for by handlers. The professionals at this park also help rehabilitate other marsupials.

Franklin River – Hobart, Tasmania

A swinging bridge crossing the famous Franklin River in central Tasmania. This bridge is near the trailhead to Frenchman’s Cap alongside the Lyell Highway.

For a traditional nature experience, go to Mt Wellington. Mt Wellington is a beautiful mountain that consists of various igneous rock formations. Most of these formations are made of granite. The sides of the mountain are also forested with large hardwood trees. Mt. Wellington has several well-maintained bike paths, so you can challenge yourself with steep grades as you observe the impressive sights of Tasmania’s landscape. During the summer, the valleys are covered with beautiful wildflowers of different colours. You may also reach the summit by trekking along one of the difficult paths that wrap around Mt Wellington.

For some relaxation after a day of adventure, go to one of Tasmania’s beaches on the edge of the Indian Ocean. These sandy beaches are rather quiet, and they pair well with the refreshing water of the ocean. If you would prefer to be in the midst of the wind and saltwater, use a sailboat to feel the strength of the sea.