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Apollo Bay Weekend Getaway

Apollo Bay is a popular tourist destination, but it is one of the quieter seaside towns in Victoria. When you travel to Apollo Bay for your holiday retreat, you will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of a cozy ocean town.

During the peak of the tourist season, Apollo Bay hosts several famous music festivals. Apollo Bay has a population of 1,095 people, so the town is not very lively during the winter months – although there are some great cafes and restaurants along the waterfront, so do stop there if you’re passing through.

Things to see and do in Apollo Bay

The areas around Apollo Bay are filled with geological phenomena and wildlife. Start your great journey in Apollo Bay by traveling to the shore on the southern end of Cape Otway. Gaze at the magnificent beauty of Bass Strait as the water sparkles under the sun. During certain months, you can see whales during their annual migration.

Trek across rugged terrain in a rain forest. Enjoy the tranquil environment while the music of hundreds of creatures soothes your senses. The forests near Apollo Bay are well-preserved habitats for flora and fauna, so keep an eye out for unique birds. You may also encounter impressive streams and waterfalls in the deepest portions of the rain forests. Make an effort to find Hopetoun Falls. Located on the Aire River, Hopetoun Falls is a beautiful cascade that flows over a beautiful rock formation.

For an enjoyable walk in a fairly tame area of the wilderness, go to Mait’s Rest. Mait’s Rest is an 800-metre circuit walk that cuts through a temperate rain forest. The canopy above Mait’s Rest is dense, so enjoy a cool journey through the forest after a long day in the sun.


Apollo Bay, Victoria

People in the park of the Apollo Bay village near the Great Ocean Road.

Continue your adventure by visiting Great Otway National Park. With an area of 103,185 hectares, Great Otway is one of the largest parks in Victoria. Enjoy river adventures, trips to waterfalls, and intense bushwalks.

Apollo Bay is an excellent holiday retreat for Australians who are looking for a rugged place for memorable adventures in the state of Victoria.

Climate conditions

Most tourists visit Apollo Bay in the summer months, but the area has a pleasant climate throughout the entire year. On average, Apollo Bay receives 890 millimetres of annual rainfall. Summers are warm, and winters are usually cool to cold. If you prefer isolated environments with minimal distractions from other travellers, visit Apollo Bay during the winter months.