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Mildura Weekend Getaway

Mildura is a city located in the rural Sunraysia region of Victoria. With a population of approximately 50,000 people, Mildura is a large urban centre. Mildura’s economy is supported by several service industries, but the largest flows of income come from agriculture and tourism. Mildura is known for its large vineyards and orange orchards.

The city is located about 550 kilometres northwest of Victoria’s capital, and it can be easily accessed from any location in Australia. Mildura has a small airport that receives flights from a few major urban centres. Several bus companies also connect Mildura with major cities in Victoria. Most people reach Mildura by road.

Things to see and do in Mildura

After you have become accustomed to Mildura, travel to Hattah-Kulkyne National Park. Hattah-Kulkyne is located in the Mallee district, an area of countless natural wonders. This park covers a total area of 48,000 hectares, so you will be able to find an isolated spot where you can forget about the worries of modern living. Hattah-Kulkyne National Park is situated next to the Murray River, so enjoy a quiet evening next to the water. Treat yourself to a riverside picnic with your friends while you enjoy the splendid views of sparkling water and wetlands. For a truly delectable meal, purchase some local produce and wines from a market in the city.

Like many areas in northwestern Victoria, Hattah-Kulkyne has a semi-arid ecosystem. When you venture through the wilderness, you will be amazed by a unique contrast of dry red soil and thriving wetlands. While many arid ecosystems seem void of diverse life, the Murray River allows many plants and animals to survive. Listen to the songs of birds as you reflect on your journey in Mildura. If you are an avian enthusiast, you will be filled with joy when you encounter the diverse birds of Hattah-Kulkyne. Over 200 species of birds inhabit the park’s forests.

Murray River – Mildura, Victoria

House boat on Murray river.

After several hours of relaxation, test your bush skills by walking along one of the park’s many tracks. The Hattah Nature Walk is an ideal path for people who enjoy seeing flora and fauna. This 1.2-kilometre walk is easy to complete within an hour. For rewarding views, follow the Warepil Lookout Walk. This 2.5-kilometre path will guide you to a lookout tower that will allow you to admire the picturesque scenery of Murray Sunset National Park. If you prefer challenging treks through the wilderness, walk along the Mournpall Lake Loop Track. This 9.5-kilometre course will allow you to tour the Red Gum flood plains before you climb the Mallee Dunes.

Climate conditions

Mildura is comfortable during every month of the year due to its semi-arid climate. The area’s average monthly temperatures range from 15 to 30 degrees. You can expect hot summers and chilly winters. Frosts are common during the winter months, but snowfall is irregular.