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Busselton Weekend Getaway

Busselton is an award-winning tourist destination in the South West region of Western Australia. Busselton is known for its lovely beaches and cozy seaside communities, but many people come to the town to see impressive views of the Southern Ocean. Located 220 kilometres southwest of Perth, Busselton is a convenient location for West Australians who are in search of a wonderful holiday retreat.

Things to see and do in Busselton

Busselton has several historical buildings that are related to the town’s founding family. Some of the most important landmarks of the town are a homestead, a church, and several estates. The city also hosts concerts, festivals, and sporting events each year. These historical and cultural exhibits are certainly exciting attractions, but the most satisfying spots are gems of the natural world outside of town and off the coast. From September to December, you can see whales rise to the surface of the ocean of the coast during their annual migration.

Busselton, Western Australia

View from the Busselton Jetty, WA overlooking the beach.

When you are ready for an intense adventure, travel to Tuart Forest National Park. Tuart Forest National Park is a large patch of tuart trees that cover an area of 20.5 square-kilometres. This is the largest tuart forest in the world. Tuart trees can only grow on a bed of limestone. Fortunately, the Swan Coastal Plain is covered with limestone and other sedimentary deposits. While there are many beautiful trees in this forest, some of the oldest trees in the area have grown to beyond 30 metres in height. This forest supports diverse wildlife. Many species of seabirds inhabit nests in the tall trees of Tuart Forest.

For a unique nocturnal experience, go to Possum Night Spotlighting trails after dusk. This is an easy 1.5-kilometre walking path, but you will need a large torch to navigate the forest. During your adventure, you may encounter the uncommon western ringtail possum and other creatures of the night.