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Perth Weekend Getaway

Perhaps more than any other Australian city, you don’t have to escape Perth to enjoy the great outdoors. Regardless of your preferences, Perth will give you a plethora of opportunities to enjoy diverse beautiful trails, stunning sights and pristine natural surroundings, wildlife and much more.

Things to see and do in Perth

Perth is home to over a dozen regional and national parks. From marine parks to forested reserves, these well-preserved destinations will give you the opportunity to explore natural environments that have not been touched by the urban sprawl.

Visit Serpentine National Park for its impressive waterfalls and dams. With scenic overlooks and opportunities for adventurous treks, Serpentine National Park is suitable for both tours and leisurely walks.

From September to December, you can visit the coast near Perth to see whales during their annual migration. The world-famous Humpback Highway is located just off the coast of Western Australia, so you can take a tour with Rottnest Fast Ferries to create lasting memories. 35,000 whales migrate through Humpback Highway each year, so the odds of you spotting a whale are high.

Certain parts of Perth and its outskirts are home to wildflower fields during mid-spring that are coloured with various shades of red, purple, and blue. Hundreds of thousands of flowers bloom in Perth each spring; you’ll experience a botanical wonder unlike anything else in the world.

Visit Shoalwater Marine Park to take a plunge in one of the purest bodies of saltwater in the world. This national park can be reached by driving south of Perth for an hour, and it is easily accessible. From snorkelling to diving, you can explore the many wondrous places that are hidden beneath the surface in Shoalwater Water Marine Park. The seafloor near this park is covered with shipwrecks and caverns that will spark your curiosity for the unknown.

Cottesloe Beach – Perth, Western Australia

Lots of tourists and local inhabitants on a hot summer day having a bath in the fantastic beach of Cottesloe in Perth, Western Australia.

Seal Island, a popular destination for adventurers near Perth, is inhabited by sea lions and other interesting animals, so be sure to bring a camera to capture some impressive photos. Most of Shoalwater Marine Park’s land areas are rocky, so come prepared for a rugged quest that will test your abilities.

Located 80 km northeast of Perth, Avon Valley National Park is an ideal destination for people who are looking for a quick break from their monotonous routines. Covered with dense forests of jarrah, marri, powderbark, and wandoo, Avon Valley is an area that is teeming with wildlife. Along with diverse flora, Avon Valley National Park is inhabited by numerous rare animal species.

Visit this location if you are in search of an adventure in the wilderness. While Avon Valley National Park has a few camping facilities, most of the park is inaccessible by vehicle. This area also receives a modest amount of visitors each year, so you will enjoy stunning views without being disturbed by other humans. Since Avon Valley is fairly remote, you must come prepared with food, water, and emergency supplies. When you hike through the winding trails of Avon Valley, keep an eye out for steep areas and rapids. This area is both chaotic and relaxing, so be vigilant as you trek through unfamiliar territory.