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Travel Guide – New South Wales

Albury Travel Guide

Albury is a large regional city in New South Wales on the border with Victoria, 55 kilometres from Sydney. It’s situated on the edge of the Murray River and a great place to enjoy a riverside adventure.

While this city doesn’t have the glamour and popularity of other regional destinations, it has many charming features that will keep you entertained during your holiday weekend.

Things to do in Albury

If you yearn to explore the great outdoors, you simply need to step outside of the city. Albury is surrounded by the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. Walk across vast valleys before you enjoy a calm day by the river. After you have appreciated the local sights, take some time to enjoy the agricultural products of the small farms that cultivate the countryside.

Begin your adventure in Albury by visiting Hume Dam. Hume Dam is a massive dam on the Murray River, and it offers some stellar views. Listen to the rhythmic sound of flowing water before you cast your favourite fishing gear. The waters near Hume Dam are known to shelter a variety of game species, so you may earn the rare opportunity to catch a trophy target. You will be filled with excitement as the adrenaline rushes through your veins.

Hume Dam – Albury, New South Wales

Lake Hume dam and spillway, NSW, Australia.

If you are searching for some pleasant views of rare plants, you don’t even need to leave the city. Head to Albury Botanic Gardens for a soothing day. Walk among the beautiful gardens of temperate plants from across the world before you enjoy a tasty picnic. Albury Botanic Gardens has existed for over 130 years, but it remains a popular attraction for people of all ages.

Complete your adventure by climbing to the lookout at the Huon Hill Parklands. From the highest point in this area, you will see an expansive green land that is adorned with several waterways. Admire the fantastic views of Lake Hume and Kiewa Valley.

Albury weather this week

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Albury has a temperate climate, so you can enjoy the four distinct seasons. You should be prepared for hot summers and cool winters. While Albury does not receive extreme conditions, you can expect average monthly temperatures to range from 2 to 30 degrees.


In addition to lovely views of nature, Albury offers excellent opportunities to learn about the local history. The areas around the city were important for Aboriginal Australians for thousands of years. On November 16, 1824, the explorers Hume and Hovell discovered a suitable clearing for a town when they were sailing down the Murray River. These explorers did not settle the town, but people flocked to the area after reports of the area were published. In the 1830s, squatters traveled to New South Wales to found homes in the wilderness.

In 1839, Albury became an official township of New South Wales. During its early years of existence, Albury was a simple frontier town. As people gradually migrated to the town, wineries and farms were erected in the countryside. In 1881, the town was connected to Sydney by a railway. This allowed the city to grow and prosper during the 20th century. Today, Albury’s economy relies on diverse industries, including agriculture, tourism, and construction.