Berrima Travel Guide

Berrima is an historic town in the Southern Highlands region of New South Wales. When you arrive, you will be amazed by several important buildings that have existed since the 19th century. Admire the interesting Georgian architecture of these iconic structures while you reflect on the colonial history of Australia. From well-preserved government buildings to derelict homesteads, Berrima offers a wide range of opportunities to learn about the region’s past.


In 1798, a former convict known as John Wilson explored the lands near the current location of Berrima. In 1818, the famous explorer Hamilton Hume also surveyed the lands. Due to its arable land and convenient location in the Southern Highlands, Berrima became a town in 1830. Today, the area has a population of approximately 600 people. Many of these people are farmers and retirees.

Things to see and do in Berrima

Travel back in time to the 19th century by touring the Berrima Courthouse. This old stone building features impressive architecture that has stood the test of time. When you explore the interior of Berrima Courthouse, you may enjoy a historical museum and trial re-enactments.

If you enjoy exploring elegant and expensive buildings, treat yourself to a tour of Harpers Mansion. This fully preserved estate features a massive brick home. During the spring and summer months, the estate’s gardens have beautiful flowering plants.

Travel to the countryside just outside of the town to enjoy a tasty picnic with your friends or family members. For a memorable local experience, bring some of the produce and handmade goods from one of Berrima’s small shops. Mrs. Oldbucks Pantry is a popular store in the area that specialises in preserves and sundries.

After you have sated your appetite, go for a walk in a picturesque vineyard. On a clear day, you will be amazed by the wide field of grapevines under a pale blue sky. You may also taste some of the best wines offered in the Southern Highlands. From cabernet to merlot, amazing wines are produced in the wineries of Berrima.

Your adventure in Berrima is not complete until you follow the Berrima Heritage walk. This beautiful path will guide you to the Wingecarribee River and several abandoned homesteads. Feel the stress disappear from your mind as you walk through an open field on a warm day.

Climate conditions

Berrima has a comfortable temperate climate. If you visit this area of the Southern Highlands during a summer holiday, expect warm conditions and significant rainfall. Winter travellers should be prepared for cool temperatures and heavy rainfall. The area receives about 950 millimetres of precipitation each year.