Bondi Beach Travel Guide

Located in the iconic cosmopolitan city of Sydney, Bondi Beach is an amazing seaside paradise. This world-famous beach is located just 7 kilometres east of Sydney’s central district, so you can expect a bustling city atmosphere. In addition to a pristine beach, the Bondi area has scores of interesting shops and restaurants that will keep you entertained.


In a local Aboriginal language, bondi means ‘water breaking over the rocks’. Bondi Beach has been an important location in Sydney for over 150 years. Established in 1851, Bondi Beach was part of the luxurious O’Brien Estate. After O’Brien released his lands to the city in 1882, Bondi Beach became a public park.

Things to see and do at Bondi Beach

Bondi will impress you with its clean white sands and a vast expanse of blue water. On the inland side of the beach, you will encounter modern city views and packed streets. These features allow Bondi Beach to provide visitors with a pleasant mixture of modern vibes and serene natural views.

Your senses will be rejuvenated as soon as you plunge into the area’s cool and refreshing waters. Swimmers should avoid the southern end of Bondi Beach due to strong rip currents. If you have the urge to experience the waters of Bondi Beach’s southern portion, use a surfboard or kayak. You will be thrilled by the power of the ocean as you ride large waves to the shore.

Bondi Beach – Bondi, Sydney NSW

People swimming in the fresh water swimming pools built in to the sea with waves rolling in to Bondi in Sydney.


Getting there

Since Bondi suburb is located near the centre of Sydney, you can easily reach the beach with public transport. Backpackers and tourists make use of the city’s bus system to travel to Bondi Beach. You may run into difficulties with parking near Bondi if you use your personal vehicle. Instead of attempting to park in the lots near the beach, you can easily park in the backstreets several blocks away from your destination.