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Bouddi National Park
Travel Guide – New South Wales

Bouddi National Park Travel Guide

Located in the lovely Central Coast region of New South Wales, Bouddi National Park is one of Australia’s well-hidden natural treasures. This area receives only a modest amount of tourists, so you will easily be able to enjoy a quiet adventure in the coastal wilderness. The park’s entrance is located 100 kilometres away from Sydney.

When you arrive in Bouddi National Park, you will see many coastal sights. People who visit explore the park to see towering cliffs, sparkling waters, and impressive rock formations. Bouddi National Park also shelters one of Australia’s last temperate rain forests.

Things to do in Bouddi National Park

During your travels in the park, you will likely visit numerous coastal lookouts that peer over a vast stretch of ocean. The bodies of water that border the park are the Tasman Sea and Maitland Bay. If you enjoy an overland trek across Bouddi National Park, you’ll stumble upon several peaceful streams and creeks.

Bouddi National Park is significantly smaller than other coastal nature reserves, but it still covers an area of approximately 1,500 hectares. You will be able to enjoy the serenity of the coastal wilderness during your holiday weekend.

The name of this national park comes from the local indigenous language. Bouddi translates to English as ‘heart’. When you learn how the habitats of the forests and beaches nurture the local plants and animals, you will realise that Bouddi is an appropriate name for the park.

Maitland Bay – Bouddi National Park, New South Wales

Explore Maitland Beach via the Maitland Bay Shipwreck Track in Bouddi National Park.

If you appreciate awe-inspiring coastal views, follow the Bouddi Coastal Walk. As the most popular path in the park, Bouddi Coastal Walk will guide you to some of the area’s most iconic features. Walk along the boardwalk paths to see dramatic rock formations that rise high  above the sea. These dramatic formations are truly amazing, and you may feel the urge to rest on a cliff as you admire your surroundings.

During your walk, you will eventually reach a peaceful beach that is protected by the waters of Maitland Bay. From the Gerrin Point Lookout, you may also watch whales during their annual migration. This migration occurs between May and November each year. Bouddi Coastal Walk follows an easy 8.5-kilometre track.

Bouddi National Park weather this week

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Bouddi National Park has a temperate climate, so you can expect chilly winters and warm summers. The coldest month of the year has an average minimum temperature of 5 degrees, and the hottest month of the year has an average maximum temperature of 27 degrees. Bouddi National Park and the surrounding areas receive comfortable conditions throughout most of the year.