Bowral Travel Guide

Bowral is a great destination for Australians who enjoy the cool conditions and fantastic views of mountainous environments. This town is located in the Southern Highlands region of New South Wales. When you arrive in this area, you will immediately be impressed by a world of mountains, forests, and waterways. The wilderness areas near Bowral are expansive, so you may explore the natural world to your heart’s content. You should be ready for an exhilarating adventure that you will fondly remember for many years.

Bowral is the regional centre of the Southern Highlands, but it is a fairly isolated town. With a population of about 12,500 people, Bowral is a quiet community that relies on tourism, retail, and boutique shops. This is an eclectic place with options that will impress many travellers. Since Bowral is situated in a remote area of New South Wales, it is the perfect place to enjoy a soothing holiday getaway. Escape the stressful aspects of your life by walking along a picturesque mountain trail, or explore the niche shops of the town. Regardless of your interests, Bowral will satisfy your holiday desires.

This quaint town is located 115 kilometres southwest of Sydney. The entire journey from Sydney to Bowral can be completed within an hour.

Things to do and see in Bowral

Between the months of September and May, you can admire the gorgeous gardens of Bowral. When you explore the city, you may encounter gorgeous private gardens that showcase colourful flowers. These gardens often feature tulips, roses, and other glamorous plants. From September until October, you may visit Bowral to enjoy the Bowral Tulip Festival. This popular event attracts sightseers and gardeners from across the state and beyond, so you can be sure that you will encounter the wonders of spring. If you truly enjoy the sights and fragrances of tulips, visit the Corbett Gardens. This private place has impressively designed gardens of tulips, roses, and stone structures.

Venture into the great outdoors by climbing to Mount Jellore Lookout. Mount Jellore Lookout is situated in Mount Gibraltar Reserve, a lovely area of diverse flora and fauna. Mount Jellore Lookout will allow you to see marvellous views of the Blue Mountains, Bowral, and rural lands. Enjoy the charming views of this area while you eat some delectable local foods.

Travel to the Gibbergunyah Reserve to challenge your bush skills. Gibbergunyah Reserve is a protected are that shelters a variety of birds, mammals, and plants. If you tread carefully and quietly, you may witness kangaroos and echidnas. Walk along the Gibbergunyah Walking Track to discover some of the park’s most impressive views. This popular walking track is steep, and it has rough terrain. You should be prepared with plenty of water and durable bushwalking shoes. If you traverse the lands of Gibbergunyah Reserve during the winter months, you will understand why the Tharawal Aboriginal people did not make the area their permanent home.

Climate conditions

Bowral receives weather conditions that are cooler than most areas in Australia. The Southern Highlands region has an oceanic climate, so you should expect warm summers and cold winters. While you may not experience a tropical paradise in Bowral, you will be rewarded with colourful wonders that are supported by the cool climate.