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Chinese Garden of Friendship
Travel Guide – New South Wales

Chinese Garden of Friendship Travel Guide

The Chinese Garden of Friendship is a serene place. Situated at the edge of Sydney’s Chinatown, the Chinese Garden of Friendship has a peaceful, soothing atmosphere. This beautiful walled garden has many shaded areas, so it is a great place to avoid the heat on summer days. If you become tired of the bustling atmosphere of the city, the Chinese Garden of Friendship will provide you with a break from the excitement.

About the Garden

This iconic garden in Sydney’s Chinatown was inspired by the gardens of Ming China. The Empire of the Great Ming ruled China during one of the nation’s greatest golden ages. During this time, Chinese artisans and urban planners perfected beautiful gardens that allowed people to relax and think. In 1988, the Chinese Garden of Friendship was constructed in Sydney by the government of Guangzhou. Guangzhou is often regarded as the sister city of Sydney.

The Chinese Garden of Friendship serves as an appropriate reminder of the close connections between the governments and businesses of Sydney and Guangzhou. In fact, the Garden of Friendship encourages many Australians to travel to China each year. You may also feel a desire to explore the Middle Kingdom after you experience the lovely sights of the garden.

Things to do in the Chinese Garden of Friendship

When you explore the Chinese Garden of Friendship, you will encounter many iconic sights that are common in the gardens of mainland China. Keep an eye out for lion statues. These statues demonstrate that the people of Guangzhou designed the Garden of Friendship. While lion statues are not common in Beijing and northern China, they can be regularly seen in the southern Guangdong province. You will also be rewarded with appealing scenes of gardens and waterfalls. Listen to the gentle barrage of water on a pool as you think about your happy experiences in Chinatown.

The pavilions of the Chinese Garden of Friendship are adorned with red and gold decorations. These colours are typical festival colours in China, and they bring good fortune to passersby. You will also be amazed by the intricate Ming architecture of the tall towers that protrude above the forests. Climb to the highest platform of these towers to admire the sights of Chinatown and Sydney before you relax near a fountain. If you gaze into the garden’s serene ponds, you may see koi fish.

Chinese Garden of Friendship – Sydney NSW

People wander through the beauty and tranquility of the Chinese Garden of Friendship, a traditional chinese garden nestled in the middle of Sydney.

Visit the Chinese Garden of Friendship Teahouse to enjoy some delicious refreshments. You can enjoy a hot cup of green tea before you eat a meal of dim sum. Dim sum is a popular cuisine in the Cantonese areas of China. Dim sum meals typically consist of small foods like dumplings and steamed pastries. Enjoy a pleasant conversation with your companions as you experience an authentic Cantonese meal.

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Getting there

The Chinese Garden of Friendship is situated near Darling Harbour. This area of Sydney is easy to reach, so you may walk or use public transit . You may also use a bike to travel to Darling Harbour and other areas in Sydney.