Coffs Harbour Travel Guide

Located 390 kilometres south of Brisbane in New South Wales, Coffs Harbour is a beautiful city for lovers of nature and people wanting to get away. Situated on the Pacific Highway, Coffs Harbour is an area with stunning views. The picturesque landscapes of Coffs Harbour have won numerous awards for their cleanliness and beauty.

Things to do in Coffs Harbour

Before you venture into the nature reserves near the city, visit some of the most beautiful views in Coffs Harbour. Start your tour by visiting Coffs Harbour Jetty. This jetty was used as an important wharf when Coffs Harbour was a major trading hub, but it is now a relaxing place to observe the ocean. Enjoy a picnic on the Coffs Harbour Jetty as you watch sailing boats come and go at their berths.

From the beach, you can walk across a shallow stretch of water to Muttonbird Island. Suitable for walking and sightseeing, Muttonbird Island is a sanctuary for several species of birds. Return to the mainland to enjoy a relaxing day on one of Coffs Harbour’s beaches. When the weather ideal, these beaches can become quite crowded with locals and tourists.

There is also a natural reef near Coffs Harbour that attracts divers and snorkelers. Explore the mysterious depths to see tropical fish and beautiful underwater environments.

Harbour Jetty – Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

The pier is a great and popular location for watching the harbour surfers and wildlife.

If you love the feeling of solitude that comes with exploring the natural world, visit some of the parks near Coffs Harbour. At Bindarri National Park, you will enjoy the soothing sound of peaceful rivers and calm brooks. Most of this park is sheltered by a dense rain forest; experience nature as you encounter diverse flora and fauna. For amazing views of cascades, follow the Bangalore Falls walking track. As one of the most popular bushwalking tracks in New South Wales, the trail to Bangalore Falls guides adventurers to a massive cascade. Bindarri National Park also has numerous mountain bike trails for explorers who wish to see the beautiful sights of the area at an exhilarating pace.

Lovers of beaches frequently visit Bongil Bongil National Park. Located near Sawtell, Bongil Bongil National Park is one of the best places for fishing in New South Wales. Pack your favourite fishing gear, and travel to Bongil Beach for a challenging experience. You will be impressed by the fierce strength of the game fish that reside in the waters throughout Bongil Bongil National Park. You may also explore the pristine waters of the park with a canoe or kayak. Keep an eye out for red-capped plover, terns, and other exotic birds.

Coffs Harbour weather this week

Now19ºClight intensity drizzle
  • Fri 20/10moderate rain
  • Sat 21/10heavy intensity rain
  • Sun 22/10moderate rain
  • Mon 23/10moderate rain
  • Tue 24/10light rain

Coffs Harbour has a subtropical climate, so you may visit these natural destinations throughout the year. If you can tolerate humid conditions, tour Coffs Harbour during the summer months. Many travellers and locals enjoy Coffs Harbour during the winter months due to mild temperatures and dry conditions.