Dee Why Beach Travel Guide

Dee Why Beach is located in the suburb of Dee Why in the Sydney metropolitan area. This beach is known for its picturesque ocean views, clean sands, and for being less commercialised and busy than its nearby beaches Manly and Bondi.

Many Sydney locals visit Dee Why Beach to avoid the city’s large crowds of tourists. Since this beach is located away from the main stretch of Sydney, you will be able to enjoy a soothing day near the ocean. Fortunately, you may still use public transit to reach Dee Why Beach and nearby attractions.

Dee Why is characterised by a long stretch of golden sand and an expansive sea of blue water. On windy days, the water is adorned by white caps. The beachside park is lined with towering old Norfolk Pines. The area under these proud trees is a great place for picnics. Purchase a meal from a nearby restaurant, fish and chip shop, or pack something from home.

Visit the beautiful Dee Why Lagoon to encounter wildlife. Dee Why Lagoon is hidden behind the dunes of Dee Why Beach. This sheltered marine area is an important area for migratory birds. Throughout the year, you may spot seabirds from places like Japan and Taiwan. This area has calm glassy water, so you will find that it is perfect for calm water-sports too.

Dee Why Lagoon – Dee Why, Sydney NSW

Picturesque views south across Dee Why Lagoon towards Dee Why Beach on a magical sunrise morning in summer.

Travel to the nearby Jackson Reserve to see rock pools and other interesting natural features. Jackson Reserve has several lookouts that peer over the ocean, so remember to bring your best binoculars. This protected park also has several lovely picnic areas.

If you would like to see all of the best features of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, follow the Bicentennial Coastal Walk. This famous path will guide you to other nearby coastal bushlands, lagoons, and beaches. You will also have several opportunities to learn about the area’s geological history through shale and claystone formations.