Eden Travel Guide

Located on New South Wales’ Sapphire Coast, Eden is a magical destination with amazing maritime views and exhilarating activities. Eden is a coastal town, and it borders several massive bodies of water. From the cliffs near the town, you will be able to see Nullica Bay and Calle Calle Bay. Eden has a small population of approximately 3,100 people. While it receives many tourists each year, Eden is a quiet place that is ideal for soothing marine adventures.

When you explore the vast landscapes around Eden, you will encounter stunning rock formations. These igneous and sedimentary formations have striking features that will fill you with a sense of amazement. If you are even remotely interested in geology, you may be overwhelmed with a sense of joy. If you venture through the area’s inland areas, you will find dark rain forests. Many of these places remain untouched by modern humans, so you will have a plethora of opportunities to explore an ecologically diverse world. Keep an eye out for rare birds and plants. You may also encounter a variety of mammals and reptiles.

Things to see and do in Eden

Regardless of whether you enjoy thrilling adventures in the wilderness or relaxing days on a beach, Eden will impress you with its stunning vistas. Start your holiday on a high note by visiting Twofold Bay. Eden is situated on the edge of Twofold Bay, so you will easily be able to enjoy an exciting day on the water. Explore the coves and unspoiled beaches of Twofold Bay by exploring the waters with a kayak. Use the strength of your muscles to navigate the choppy waters of the bay. You will feel free from your responsibilities as you glide across the glass-like water. When you finally reach your destination, you will be satisfied by a sense of accomplishment.

If you would prefer to stay dry during your adventures across Twofold Bay, use a sailboat. By teaming up with the power of the wind, you will conquer the sea. When you are in the centre of the bay, you may also enjoy testing your luck by fishing. Bring your favourite tackle and rod to target some challenging game species.


Rotary Point Lookout – Eden, New South Wales

Rotary Point lookout in Eden in the sapphire coast, situated on the magnificent waters of Twofold Bay.

When you finally decide to return to land, travel to Rotary Point Lookout. This amazing overlook will allow you to see all of the Twofold Bay’s iconic features. Gaze into the sparkling indigo waters as you listen to the waves break on rocks. If you visit Eden during October, you may be able to see whales in the bay.

If you are yearning for a challenging overland adventure, follow the famous Light to Light Walk. This track stretches from Boyds Tower to Green Cape Lighthouse. This walking track has easy terrain, but it is 30 kilometres in length. Prepare yourself for a long adventure that will guide you to beaches, forests, and heathland. You will also see the splendid waters of Bittangabee Bay.

Complete your adventure in Eden by visit Ben Boyd National Park. Enjoy the formations of the rocky coastline while you fish in the park’s healthy waters.

Climate Conditions

Eden and the surrounding areas of the Sapphire Coast have an oceanic climate. You can expect warm summers and mild winters. The coldest month of the year has an average minimum temperature of 4 degrees. The warmest month of the year has an average maximum temperature of 25 degrees. During the winter months, winds from the Southern Ocean can cause significant chills.