Forster Travel Guide

Located in the Mid-North Coast region of New South Wales, Forster is a lovely coastal town with jaw-dropping views of the Tasman Sea. When you explore the unspoiled wilderness areas near Forster, you will be amazed by pristine beaches and sparkling bodies of water. You will be equally impressed by the lush rain forests and heathland that adorn the coast. Forster is a prime destination for aquatic activities. Tanning, fishing, boating and bushwalking are just some of the activities that you can enjoy near this town.

Forster has a population of 14,000 permanent residents. During the Christmas holiday season, the population of the town can expand to about 20,000 people, however Forster is a quiet place throughout the rest of the year.

Things to see and do in Forster

The lands around Forster have some of the greatest coastal wilderness areas that New South Wales has to offer. If you love rugged adventures in the great outdoors, you will certainly appreciate the region’s well-preserved national parks. Explore these magical areas to discover fun walking tracks and astounding overlooks. If you would prefer a simple weekend of relaxation, Forster has many public beaches that will fulfil your desires.

For a classic adventure in New South Wales’ coastal wilderness, visit Booti Booti National Park. Booti Booti National Park has several amazing lookouts that peer over the Pacific Ocean and Wallis Lake. The treacherous waters of the ocean are separated from the calm lake by a thin peninsula, so this is a unique place that will certainly spark your desire to explore the natural world.


Booti-Booti National Park – Forster, New South Wales

Beautiful beach at Booti Booti National Park.

After you have appreciated the otherworldly views of the park, visit one of the ocean beaches for an exciting day of fishing. The Pacific waters near Forster shelter a variety of large game fish, so your fishing skills will be tested. If you wish to target some of the area’s popular trophy species, charter a boat from Forster. The waters of Booti Booti are also suitable for kayaking. Paddle in the turbulent waters of the Pacific to see the park’s coastal views from a new perspective. You will be mesmerised by the forested hills and dramatic cliffs that shelter the park. After you have felt the cold spray of ocean water on your face, explore the peaceful waters of Wallis Lake.

When you are ready for an exciting overland journey, travel to the head of the Booti Hill Walking Track. This 7.3-kilometre path will guide to some of the most amazing areas of Booti Booti National Park. During your trek, you will cross beautiful beaches and heathland. Portions of the path also overlook the glassy waters of Wallis Lake. Complete your trek in the park by exploring the deepest reaches of the rain forest.

After an exciting day of traveling in Booti Booti, rest on the soft sand of Elizabeth Beach. This is one of the cleanest beaches in New South Wales, and you will be calmed by the vast expanse of beautiful turquoise water.

Capture some of the greatest sights of the Mid-North Coast region by following the Lakes Way. This 77-kilometre driving route will guide you to picturesque scenes of Myall, Smiths, and Wallis Lakes.

Climate conditions

Forster and the surrounding areas have a subtropical climate. You can expect humid conditions during every season. The average minimum temperature during the coldest month of temperature is about 9 degrees. During the warmest month of summer, the average maximum temperature is 26 degrees. Forster is frequently visited for its idyllic conditions, so come prepared to enjoy a seaside paradise.