Glen Innes Travel Guide

Glen Innes is a gorgeous holiday destination that is suitable for Australians who enjoy lovely historical towns and the challenges of the wilderness. Located in New England’s Northern Tablelands, Glen Innes is a town with an interesting personality. When you arrive in Glen Innes, you will be treated to views of 19th century buildings and colourful forests. The town also has numerous boutiques and specialty shops that will surely leave you and the family satisfied. If you appreciate the charming elements of New England’s rural culture, attend one of the area’s festivals. You may enjoy learning about the local people and their trades by attending an agricultural fair.


Glen Innes is also an excellent place to learn about the rich history of New South Wales. Prior to the arrival of the European settlers, Glen Innes and the surrounding areas were occupied by the Ngarabal people. These traditional landowners were quite resilient, and they survived the harsh winters of the region. Unfortunately, many of the Ngarabal Aborigines were killed by conflict and disease after Europeans arrived in New South Wales during the 19th century. Today the Ngarabal people are now officially recognised as the owners and custodians of their ancient homelands.

Glen Innes was settled by Scottish settlers during the early years of the 19th century. These Scotsman realised that the landscape of New England was similar to the geographical features of Scotland, so they modeled the town after Pitlochery. If you visit Pitlochery, Scotland, after you witness the views of Glenn Innes, New South Wales, you will notice striking similarities between the two places. During your adventures in Glen Innes, keep an eye out for Scottish architecture.

Things to do and see in Glen Innes

Enjoy a memorable adventure across the lush countryside of New England. You will appreciate the Scottish charms of this area as you see vast green fields, dark forests, and old farms. If you would like to experience all of the great aspects of Scottish heritage in Glen Innes, attend the Australian Celtic Festival. This popular festival will offer you numerous opportunities to enjoy Scottish food while you listen to traditional music. You may also watch or play classic Scottish games. After you learn about the unique culture of the area, follow the Glen Innes Heritage Walk. This walk will guide you to 30 historic buildings in the town. Immerse yourself in the history of the town as you admire well-preserved 19th century architecture.

Glen Innes Heritage – Glen Innes, New South Wales

Glen Innes is a town located in the heart of the New England High Country in NSW, Australia, and retains its federation style buildings.

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Climate conditions

Glen Innes has a cool climate. During the winter months, you can expect cold and windy conditions. Frosts and snowfall are common, but accumulation is rare. The area has an average maximum temperature of 20 degrees. The mean minimum temperature of Glen Innes is 7 degrees. You can expect about 860 millimetres of annual rainfall.