Kangaroo Valley Travel Guide

Located in the idyllic Shoalhaven area of New South Wales, Kangaroo Valley is a beautiful river valley that is situated next to the Kangaroo River. As a massive valley, Kangaroo Valley is enclosed by several large mountains.

The most important town in the area is also called Kangaroo Valley. This small town has a population of less than 1,000 people, but it offers numerous boutiques and cultural attractions for tourists. Kangaroo Valley is located just two hours away from Sydney, so the area is easy to access for holiday retreats.

Things to see and do in Kangaroo Valley

Start your journey through Kangaroo Valley by visiting Wingecarribee Shire. Wingecarribee Shire is a village of less than 300 people, but it is located near wonderful natural attractions. Visit the nearby Morton National Park to explore the great outdoors. This national park has numerous walking tracks, and you will be impressed by the sights.

Follow the track along Yarrunga Creek, and you will reach the astounding Fitzroy Falls. FitzroyFalls has been a well-known feature of Kangaroo Valley for thousands of years. The waterfall remains an important location for the Wodi Wodi Aboriginal people. After you trek to Fitzroy Falls, take some time to appreciate the immense beauty of the area. The water flows from a tall cliff of golden stone. Listen to the orchestra of flowing water, and reflect on your adventures in Kangaroo Valley. Fitzroy Falls is an excellent place for relaxation, so use the area to forget about the worries of modern living.

Fitzroy Falls – Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales

Fitzroy Falls in Morton National Park where water plunges down into the valley.


After exploring the pastoral lands of Kangaroo Valley, embark on a journey through Shoalhaven Gorge. The river that runs through Shoalhaven Gorge has strong rapids; use your paddling skills and strength to navigate the treacherous waters with a kayak. Feel the icy water wash over your sore muscles as you challenge nature. During your adventure, observe the beautiful intricate rock formations that serve as the walls of the gorge.

When you are ready to return to land, go to the Three Views walking trail. This is a flat trail that will guide you to three amazing vistas. Enjoy incredible views of Shoalhaven River and Tallowa Dam. This walk is easy, and you can enjoy a relaxing picnic with your companions at several locations.

For a unique experience in the wilderness, go to Flying Fox Pass. Located in the Barren Grounds Nature Reserve, Flying Fox Pass is an overgrown industrial area that you can reach by following a rugged walking track. The area offers few views, but you can enjoy the adventurous feeling of bushwalking through dense vegetation.