Kiama Travel Guide

Kiama is a town in the Illawarra region of New South Wales. This coastal city is known for its lovely ocean views and green parks. When you explore Kiama and the surrounding areas, your breath will be taken away by pristine ocean and vast views. You will be equally impressed by the pasture and landscapes that surround the town and the Minnamurra River.


The landscapes near Kiama were formed by two major volcanic flows that coated the area with igneous rock formations. These flows originated from Saddleback Mountain, a volcanic vent in the region. When you explore the wilderness, you may encounter formations of basalt, granite, and other volcanic rocks. Due to oxidation and other natural phenomena, these formations are usually quite colourful.

Learn about the history of Kiama by exploring the national parks. The Wodi Wodi Aboriginal people are the traditional owners of the lands around Kiama. They arrived in the area nearly 17,000 years ago. These indigenous Australians lived alone in the wilderness of Kiama until the 18th century. In 1797, Europeans made contact with Kiama after Kiarnay Smith explored the area.

Things to see and do in Kiama

Kiama has an ideal oceanic climate. You can expect warm summers and mild winters. The town has a modest population of approximately 13,000 people, so you will be able to enjoy the serenity most times of the year. Boating, swimming, and surfing are just some of the exciting activities that you can enjoy on the water. Kiama and the surrounding areas are also excellent for inland adventures. Climb to the peaks of high mountains, or bushwalk across rugged heathland.


Kiama Blowhole – Kiama, New South Wales

Spectators watch from viewing platforms as water erupts from the Kiama Blowhole. Located beside the Kiama Lighthouse, water can shoot up to 60 meters into the air.

For a memorable experience in the wilderness, visit the Kiama Blowhole. This is the area’s most popular attraction. Travel to Blowhole Point to see waves enter an underwater cavern before they are forced out of a narrow outlet. The power of the ocean and the narrow passage pressurises the water, so you will witness a fierce natural phenomenon.

Kiama has several small museums that will teach you about the history of the region. You may also enjoy attending some of the unique festivals that are held in the area throughout the year. If you are a foodie, you will surely appreciate the city’s fine restaurants.