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Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park
Travel Guide – New South Wales

Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park Travel Guide

Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park is located just 25 kilometres north of Sydney, Australia’s largest city. While the park is close to a massive metropolis, it offers pristine wilderness areas that you will never forget. Venture through the great outdoors to discover impressive views of the Hawkesbury River and Appletree Bay. You may also search for wildlife under the canopy of Duffys Forest. The interesting geographical features are perfect for a variety of activities, including kayaking, bushwalking, fishing, and camping.


Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park is  one of the best places in Sydney to learn about the history of the land’s original inhabitants. Prior to the arrival of Europeans in Australia, Ku-Ring-Gai Chase was occupied by the Garigal Aboriginal people. These people were supported by the diverse resources of the land’s rivers, caverns and forests. Unfortunately, the Garigal people met a tragic fate when European settlers arrived to found Sydney. Due to disease and conflict with the Europeans, the entire Garigal population perished. While the Garigal people may be gone, their stories live on in Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park. During your time in the park, you will encounter amazing Aboriginal sites, ruins, and rock art. The park protects over 800 Aboriginal sites, so take some time to learn about the stories and culture of the Garigal people.

Things to see and do in Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park

Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park has dramatic cliffs, sparkling waterways, and other stunning features that will impress even the most experienced bushwalkers. The park has trails that are suitable for people of various skills and preferences.

Bobbin Head – Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park, New South Wales

Bobbin Head is a very popular spot for people to hold their BBQs and picnics – this location is great for walks, kayaking, boating and fishing.

After you arrive in Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park, travel to the head of the Aboriginal Heritage walk. This park is dedicated to the culture and history of the extinct Garigal people. During your journey along the 4.4-kilometre Aboriginal Heritage walk, you will be amazed by massive cliffs. Many of these cliffs are adorned with Garigal Aboriginal art, so be sure to reflect on the stories of the area’s native inhabitants. When you learn about the trials and tribulations of the people who inhabited the lands near Sydney, you may gain a new appreciation for the bounties of nature. Tour the dark interior of Red Hand Cave to be amazed by wonderful geographical features. Finish your journey by gazing at blue waters from West Head Lookout.

If you are searching for an incredible challenge, walk along the Great North walk in Ku-Ring-Gai Chase. This 11-kilometre track has a mixture of rugged terrain and boardwalks, and it will guide you through dense bushland. Admire the diversity of the diverse plants as you keep an eye out for rare birds. This path ends at the Hawkesbury River. Enjoy a pleasant picnic by the water with your companions as you reflect on your arduous journey in the wilderness.

For a refreshing reprieve from the park’s rugged features, follow America Bay track. This 1.8-kilometre path will guide you to a magnificent sandstone shelf that descends into a pool of clear water. Listen to the soothing trickle of water before you plunge into the pool.

Climate conditions

Ku-Ring-Gai Chase and the areas around Sydney have a temperate climate. These areas have four distinct seasons, but conditions do not fluctuate drastically throughout the year. Summer conditions are warm, and winter conditions are mild. The summer season has an average maximum temperature of 26 degrees. The winter season has a mean maximum temperature of 16 degrees. If you travel to areas near the coast during the winter, you may experience a significant wind-chill.