Lightning Ridge Travel Guide

Lightning Ridge is an iconic mining town in New South Wales. While Australia has many mines, Lightning Ridge is situated on a massive deposit of black opals. Black opals are quite rare, and they are found in large quantities in only a few locations.

Things to see and do in Lightning Ridge

The grounds in certain parts of Lightning Ridge are filled with glass-like gems and minerals. Get your hands dirty as you sift through the dirt for several hours. Searching the heaps of dirt for gems is tiring work, but you will feel a sense of accomplishment if you finally find a beautiful fragment of black opal. If you find an opal in Lightning Ridge, you may keep it without paying any fees. These gems are usually incredibly expensive, so this a wonderful opportunity to earn a black opal for your personal collection.

After you have earned some priceless gems to add to your collection, tour the local mine. During this tour, you will experience the daily endeavours of an opal miner. Explore the cool subterranean areas as you examine mining tools. Since the underground areas of Lightning Ridge have a constant temperature throughout the entire year, touring the mine can be an excellent way to escape the sun of the Australian outback.

Opal Mine – Lightning Ridge, New South Wales

Open cut opal mine in Lightning Ridge, NSW.

Go to the Chambers of the Black Hand to awaken your inner artist. The Chambers of the Black Hand are not natural, but you will immediately be impressed by a cavern that is filled with elaborate reliefs and sculptures. The most popular pieces are intricate recreations of Greek and Biblical art, but you will also enjoy the comical parodies of celebrities and musicians.

You cannot truly appreciate Lightning Ridge and its culture until you explore the rugged wilderness areas near the town. While the outback near Lightning Ridge does not have many impressive views, you can appreciate the peaceful surroundings as you explore rough dirt roads.