Manly Beach Travel Guide

Located in one of Sydney’s lovely seaside suburbs, Manly Beach is a gorgeous area by the sea. When you walk across this stretch of sand to relax in the waves, you will be awed and inspired by calming views of the ocean. When you gaze into the vast expanse of water, you will be overwhelmed by a seemingly endless view. The endless skies are complemented by the strikingly beautiful gold sands that the tides wash smooth each day.


Manly Beach has an interesting name that is tethered directly to the historical events of Australia. During the Europeans’ exploration of New Holland, Captain Arthur Phillip encountered the Aboriginal people that lived in the wilderness near Sydney. Captain Phillip was impressed by their resilience and strength in the harsh wilderness, so he deemed that they had ‘manly’ qualities. Captain Phillip honoured the culture of the indigenous Australians in the area by naming their home Manly Beach.

Things to see and do at Manly Beach

When you explore the coast near Manly Beach, you will be impressed by sheer cliffs and dramatic ocean views. Walk along a well-maintained path at the south end of the beach as you listen to the waves crashing on the rocks. The grass and pavement along the main stretch of Manly Beach is sheltered by tall pine trees. Escape the summer heat by resting under one of these trees while you read your favourite novel. When you are ready to return to the real world, rejuvenate your senses by diving into the water or go for a surf. Manly Beach receives its larger swells during the winter months and its waves are well regarded with the beach being the location of the Australian Open surfing competition each year.

The Corso – Manly, Sydney NSW

Shopping and recreation area named The Corso in Manly.

Getting there

Manly Beach is one of the most popular beaches of Sydney. Located near Sydney’s central business district, Manly Beach is a convenient place for short holiday retreats. You may easily access Manly Beach by relying on public transit or driving there and parking in the back streets.