Millthorpe Travel Guide

Millthorpe is a fantastic town in Central New South Wales. When you explore this area, you will encounter quaint buildings and rural lands that have adorned the area since the 19th century.

Millthorpe has numerous heritage sites and museums, so history buffs will appreciate learning about the events that occurred in the town over the last 200 years. Before you explore the lovely areas around Millthorpe, walk along the simple streets of the town. When you walk next to old English-style buildings and eclectic boutiques, you will be inspired to find all of the town’s hidden gems.

The town relies on the historical features for tourism, so many of the buildings are well-preserved. The oldest structures in Millthorpe date back to the 1840s. Escape your modern worries by exploring the antiquated landscapes around the town. If you follow a rugged country road, you may see picturesque green hills and magical forests. The rural lands near Millthorpe are frequently compared to the countryside of England, so you should be ready to experience a charming area.

Getting there

With a tiny population of approximately 1,200 people, Millthorpe is a peaceful area. While this town is located in a remote area of Australia, you may reach it by flying to Orange from Sydney. Sydney is located 252 kilometres from Millthorpe.

Things to do and see in Millthorpe

When you are near Millthorpe, you will see a colourful landscape that is adorned with vineyards, orchards, and fields. Agriculture plays a large role in the economy of Millthorpe, so you can expect to see busy farmers markets in the area. If you contact a local landowner, you may be able to organise a tour of a quaint farm. You will enjoy the cool climate of the area as you walk across green fields.

After you have admired the gorgeous country landscape near the town, return to the centre of Millthorpe. While Millthorpe is a tiny town, it has fine restaurants that can compete with the most popular establishments in Sydney. This town is in the heart of New South Wales’ cool wine region. You may enjoy a delectable local wine that is paired with your favourite dish. The best restaurants in Millthorpe use only the finest local ingredients to create dishes, so you may wish to enjoy a seasonal specialty. Your taste buds will certainly appreciate the fresh produce that has been transformed into a fine meal by a culinary master. This town also has fresh truffles that are produced in the rural areas of Central New South Wales.

If you would like to learn more about the history of New South Wales, visit Forest Reefs. Forest Reefs is an old mining village that is located near Millthorpe. While it is no longer an important economic centre, Forest Reefs can teach you about the early development of Millthorpe.

Take a break from civilisation by venturing through the wilderness areas nearby. You may explore Mount Canobolas and dense forests during your adventures. Many of the natural areas have remained untouched by humanity, so you may encounter rare birds and mammals.

If you enjoy shopping, visit Millthorpe Markets. These unique markets are open during the first Sundays in April and December. This outdoor marketplace has over 200 small vendors that offer unique crafts, food products, and trinkets. This is one of the best places to purchase souvenirs. If you visit Millthorpe Markets during the first Sunday in December, you may discover beautiful handmade Christmas decorations. You can also purchase prints and original pieces from local artists.