Nelson Bay Travel Guide

Located in the beautiful coastal Hunter region of New South Wales, Nelson Bay is a fantastic town that is known for its lovely ocean views. The town is located on a body of water that is also called Nelson Bay, so you can be sure that you will enjoy a sea-breeze filled relaxing holiday here.

Nelson Bay has a population of approximately 6,000 people, so it’s a good place to come to avoid large crowds. This coastal town is usually overlooked by international tourists, so it is a popular holiday destination for Australians wanting a low-key break. It is also situated in a convenient location; Sydney is only 207 kilometres southwest of Nelson Bay.

Things to see and do in Nelson Bay

From long surf beaches to untouched forests, Nelson Bay has many geographical features that will inspire you to experience the great outdoors. Lovers of the ocean often enjoy diving, snorkeling, fishing, and boating. If you would prefer not to test your sea legs, the area is also excellent for sightseeing and bushwalking.

If you enjoy quiet naps by the water, go to Stockton Beach. Stockton Beach is one of the most lovely areas in New South Wales. When you climb over the dunes to reach the main beach, you will be surprised by a magnificent stretch of gold sand. On a sunny day, every feature of the beach has a radiant glow that will fill you with joy. After you have absorbed the pleasant views of Stockton Beach, lay down on the hot sand while you read your favourite novel. When you are ready to return to reality, dive into the cool blue waters.


Stockton Beach – Nelson Bay, New South Wales

Sandboarding in a large sand dune at Stockton Beach, Nelson Bay NSW.

For an exhilarating day of high-octane adventures, visit the nearby Worimi Conservation Lands. This protected area has a 4WD track that will allow you to drive off-road on a beach. Test your driving skills by traveling over steep sand dunes and rough terrain. You may also enjoy an exciting day of sandboarding. This popular beach sport is nearly as intense as snowboarding, but you can avoid frigid alpine conditions. Finish your adventures in the Worimi Conservation Lands by riding a horse or camel along the coast.

Lovers of marine life and underwater worlds will enjoy the wonders of Fly Point. Located in Halifax Park, Fly Point is a splendid destination for diving and snorkeling. You will encounter a variety of fish and sea turtles.

Climate conditions

Nelson Bay has an idyllic temperate climate that is influenced by oceanic conditions from the Southern Ocean. The annual average temperature of this area is 23 degrees. On average, Nelson Bay receives approximately 1,350 millimetres of rainfall. The area has 117 sunny days each year.