Orange Travel Guide

Orange is a city in the Central West region of New South Wales. Located 254 kilometres west of Sydney, it is easy to access for extended holiday weekends. As a major urban centre, Orange has numerous cultural attractions and economic endowments. While the city is an important location for the economic health of New South Wales, it is also surrounded by picturesque mountains and landscapes.

Things to see and do in Orange

When you arrive in Orange, you will be amazed by a city with a rich history. Follow the Orange Heritage Trail to explore the historical districts of Orange. This trail will lead you to buildings that were sites of important events in the history of New South Wales. The entire trail takes about 1.5 hours to complete, and you will learn interesting facts about the Wiradjuri Aboriginal people and the settlers of New South Wales.

After exploring the lovely areas of Orange, travel to Mount Canobolas for impressive views. Mount Canobolas is an inactive volcano, and its summit is located 1,397 metres above sea level. From the top of this impressive mountain, you will be able to see awe-inspiring views of the horizon in every direction. Take a moment to gaze at the diverse landscapes of the areas around Orange. You will observe rolling hills, dense vegetation, and tall trees.

Hotel Orange – Orange, New South Wales

Hotel Orange was established in 1890.

While exploring, you may encounter diverse wildlife. Several species reside in the forests near Orange, including wallabies, wombats, and koalas. Remember to bring a camera to capture these experiences. Avian enthusiasts will also enjoy the opportunities that nature presents in this region. The healthy forests allow exotic bird species like rosellas, cockatoos, and parrots to thrive near Orange.

For an active experience, go bushwalking along the trails. By following the Federal Falls track, you can experience one of the best waterfalls in New South Walls. Federal Falls is a tall waterfall that will stimulate your senses. The trail is 3.8 kilometres in length, but it has some steep portions that inexperienced walkers may find challenging. Hopetoun Falls also offers stellar views to walkers who are willing to follow a steep 2.8-kilometre path. During your journeys along the trails of Orange, you will notice impressive formations of igneous rock.