Port Macquarie Travel Guide

Located 390 kilometres north of Sydney in New South Wales, Port Macquarie is one of the most beautiful towns on the Mid North Coast. The town is situated on the Hastings River, and it is surrounded by natural attractions.

Discovered by Europeans in 1818, Port Macquarie was settled due to its large amount of arable land. The town is surrounded by diverse landscapes, including marshes, forests, and rolling hills. When accompanied by stunning views of the ocean, the landscapes of Port Macquarie are simply stunning. Port Macquarie has nine beaches and various waterways, so you will surely enjoy hours of refreshing fun.

Things to see and do in Port Macquarie

For an extreme adventure through the area’s beautiful environment, go to North Brother Mountain for a paragliding tour. After jumping off of the edge of a towering cliff, you will glide through the air as your legs dangle hundreds of metres above the ground.

Port Macquarie, New South Wales

Two men fishing on the beach at Port Macquarie.

If you are yearning to feel the cool spray of water on your face, explore the waters of the Hastings River with a kayak. Feel the sun warm your back as your boat cuts through the smooth water. Explore the various inlets and sprawls, and admire the views of the forest from the water. During the evenings, you can enjoy a lovely sunset that sets the river ablaze.

Complete your journey through nature by visiting one of Port Macquarie’s vineyards. Sample local foods and wines as you enjoy the calm isolation of the countryside.