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Royal Botanic Garden
Travel Guide – New South Wales

Royal Botanic Garden Travel Guide

The Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney is a magical palace that will rekindle your appreciation for the plant kingdom. Located in the heart of Sydney, the Royal Botanic Garden is a magnificent attraction that shelters plants from across the globe. You may encounter a variety of beautiful plants, including temperate flowers and tropical trees. In addition to its beautiful sights, the Royal Botanic Garden offers opportunities for scientific research. Due to its diverse plants, this garden is frequently visited by ecological researchers from across Australia.


The Royal Botanic Garden has been an important sight in Sydney for about 200 years. Established in 1816 by Governor Macquarie, the Royal Botanic Garden is the oldest urban garden in Australia. Many experts regard this garden as one of the most ecologically important urban green spaces in the world. The Royal Botanic Garden had humble beginnings. Prior to the development of the garden, this area of Sydney was Farm Cove. Farm Cove was intended to be an agricultural sight in the Governor’s Domain, but water shortage problems caused the project to fail. Governor Macquarie decided that the land would serve the city better as a public park. During the early years of the 19th century, the Royal Botanic Garden was a humble green space with only a few flower beds. Eventually, the Scottish botanist Charles Moore completely transformed the gardens by implementing an irrigation system. The newly hydrated lands were able to support diverse plants from across the globe. His most recognisable achievement was Palm Grove. Palm Grove is currently one of the most popular areas of the garden.

Things to see and do in the Royal Botanic Garden

Today, the Royal Botanic Garden covers an area of approximately 30 hectares. This massive green space in New South Wales’ largest city is a great place to enjoy picnics with your companions. Eat a fine meal of local produce while you admire the colourful gardens of the park. During the summer and spring months, you may enjoy roses, wildflowers, tulips, and other gorgeous flowers. You may also explore one of the park’s many themed gardens. Take some time to experience the Royal Botanic Garden’s ponds, streams, rock gardens, forests, and lawns.

Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney NSW

City of Sydney at sunset from the Royal Botanic Garden.

If you enjoy learning about ecology, visit the Middle Gardens. This area of the park has several interesting locations, including the Threatened Plant Garden and the Plant Sciences Building. These areas of the park may not have the vibrantly coloured plants of the most popular gardens, but they are perfect for inquisitive minds. You will learn about recent breakthroughs in botany and ecology. You will also earn the rare opportunity to capture stunning photographs of plants that are rarely sighted in the wilderness. The Middle Gardens also shelter the iconic Palm House.

Admire the vibrantly coloured areas of the park by touring the Palace Gardens. This area of the Royal Botanic Garden can be easily recognised by its impressive stone architecture and fountains. The Palace Gardens’ rose exhibits are perfect for couples who would like to enjoy romantic getaways. Smell the sweet aroma of red roses while you feel the pleasantly warm rays of the sun. Continue your tour of the Royal Botanic Garden by following the Rain Forest Walk. This path will guide you through a forest of lush shrubs, flowers, and trees that are found in the tropical wilderness.

Learn about the Aboriginal heritage of Sydney by visiting Cadi Jam Ora. Cadi Jam Ora is a garden that honours the Cadigal Aboriginal people of Australia. You will learn about these indigenous Australians’ connection to the natural world.