Snowy Mountains Travel Guide

In addition to the alpine peaks that it’s named for, the Snowy Mountains is filled with picturesque features, including serene rivers, dark caverns, and rugged landscapes. Depending on the time of your visit, you may also encounter fields of wildflowers, untamed vegetation, and wild native animals. If you are looking for an experience that is both challenging and rewarding, Snowy Peaks will not leave you disappointed.

Things to see and do in the Snowy Mountains

Snow bunnies will want to make sure that they head straight to the ski resort at Perisher. Both snowboarders and skiers will find a large number of pistes to shoot down here, while Perisher also boasts excellent facilities and amenities for après ski downtime.

Perisher – Snowy Mountains, New South Wales

Slopes of Perisher viewed from Quad Express chairlift.

People who want to experience the intense natural beauty of the Snowy Mountains in comfort and style can take a Historic Train Ride on the Cooma-Monaro railway. the track runs for around 20 kilometres from Cooma station and there are plenty of places to pause along the way to enjoy a picnic.

As the highest mountain in Australia, Mount Kosciuszko offers visitors stunning panoramic views from the summit. Keen mountain climbers and hikers will find several trails to follow, while a chairlift is also available throughout the year to take visitors to the top and back down again.
Another great way to explore this part of Australia is by riding a horse through the snowy mountains. There are several special treks that are just waiting to be enjoyed and a number of local companies offer horse riding trips for people of all experience levels.

Set deep in the heart of Koscuiszko National Park are the Yarrangobilly Caves, which is a collection of six dramatic limestone caves. These caves were created more than 440 million years ago and feature an impressive number of stalagmites and stalactites as well as pretty cave corals.

Following the Sawpit Walking Track is a great way for visitors to witness the diverse flora and fauna of the area. This special track is relatively gentle and runs through pretty woodland, while visitors will have the chance to spot kangaroos and birds as they make their way to Thredbo River.