Tamworth Travel Guide

Tamworth is a city in the New England region of New South Wales in Australia. Located between Brisbane and Sydney, Tamworth is a location that is easy to access for extended weekend holidays. Known as the First City of Lights, Tamworth is a beautiful urban area with numerous cultural attractions.

Things to do in Tamworth

When you visit Tamworth, take some time to admire the vast rural landscapes and mountain scenery. Check out the stunning natural views from towering mountain lookouts, or watch the sunset from riverside vistas. Tamworth is home to two national parks and various country villages, so you will have a plethora of opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

Go to Tamworth’s rural farms and vineyards to enjoy a romantic weekend with your loved one. Admire the lush surroundings as you rest in the warm sun of New South Wales. After a couple hours of relaxing, go on a vineyard tour. Learn about the wine-making process, and sample some of the best wines that New South Wales has to offer. Tamworth is often regarded as the capital of New England’s wine industry, so you will certainly be impressed by the robust flavours.

After enjoying Tamworth’s best vineyards, visit a nearby farm. The farmers in the region grow a variety of delicious fruits and vegetables, so feel free to try the food that was just harvested. Many farmers also sell jams and similar products that were created with Tamworth’s produce. If you enjoy fresh cheese and milk, go to Sunhill Dairy Goats Farm. At this popular destination, you can sample goat cheese and other dairy products. You may also rest on the property of the private farm while you meet adorable goats.

Mount Kaputar – Tamworth, New South Wales

Mount Kaputar National Park is located near Narrabri in northern NSW.

If you are in the mood for some action, go to Mount Kaputar to bushwalk across rugged terrain. Mount Kaputar is an inactive volcano that is covered with igneous rock formations. When you reach the lookouts near the top of the volcano, you will see a vast expanse of rolling hills that are covered with dense vegetation.

During the summer months, travel to Nowendoc National Park to see beautiful wildflowers. These flowers fill the fields with vibrant colours. Nowendoc is also a popular location for avian enthusiasts. As a protected area, Nowendoc National Park has diverse flora and fauna.

After a long day of bushwalking, to Warrabah National Park to enjoy the cool waters of the Namoi River. Navigate the rushing waters with a kayak, or go fishing from the shore. With its deep gorges, granite boulders, and amazing views, Warrabah will feed your desire for adventures in the wilderness. If you enjoy waterfalls, go to Horton Falls. This is one of the most impressive cascades in New England.

Tamworth weather this week

Now17ºCovercast clouds
  • Fri 20/10heavy intensity rain
  • Sat 21/10moderate rain
  • Sun 22/10sky is clear
  • Mon 23/10light rain
  • Tue 24/10light rain