The Rocks Travel Guide

Located in magnificent Sydney, the Rocks is a popular heritage strip adjacent to Circular Quay that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. This destination is known for its unique historical atmosphere and fine waterfront views.

Take some time to enjoy the fascinating waters of the harbour as you watch sailboats and yachts. Walk along the weathered cobblestone streets of The Rocks to see interesting architecture from Sydney’s past. If you travel along the famous Argyle Street, you may see well-preserved terrace homes. Some of these structures have been standing since the 19th century.

Things to do in the Rocks

Harrington Street – The Rocks, Sydney NSW

Typical restored 19th century terraced houses in The Rocks, now used primarily as restaurants and retail outlets.

When you explore The Rocks, you must visit Harrington Street. Visit the area’s boutique shops, or simply walk along the road to enjoy the charms of a 19th century city. After you admire the historical features of the neighbourhood, visit Campbell’s Cove. Campbell’s Cove is a gorgeous waterfront area that has several fine restaurants. Satisfy your cravings for delicious food before you enjoy a glass of one of New South Wales’ finest wines.

Experience the culture of the area by visiting one of the local pubs. You will appreciate a delicious meal of fresh fish and chips that is paired with a craft beer. Complete your adventure by listening to a local musician’s live performance.

The Rocks weather this week

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  • Fri 20/10heavy intensity rain
  • Sat 21/10light rain
  • Sun 22/10moderate rain
  • Mon 23/10light rain
  • Tue 24/10light rain


To fully understand the historical beginnings of Sydney, you simply must learn about The Rocks. The Rocks was one of the first neighbourhoods to be constructed after the first fleet’s arrival. The British used the natural resources of the area to construct homes and shops, so sandstone was one of the primary building materials. The sandstone terrace houses that were created caused the area to be referred to as The Rocks. This title eventually became the official name of the area.

During its early years of existence, The Rocks had a dark reputation. This neighbourhood was a hub for crime, and it was often viewed as Sydney’ red light district. While this reputation certainly stained the area’s appeal in the early years of the 19th century, The Rocks was transformed by urban planning and safety initiatives. The crime-ridden neighbourhood became a gorgeous attraction by 1870. The government of Sydney widened the streets, removed the slums, and launched numerous beautification projects. By the 20th century, rising property values and regular policing caused The Rocks to become one of the safest and most attractive places in Sydney.