Tumut Travel Guide

Tumut is a lovely historical town that is situated in a remote area of New South Wales. Located in the gorgeous Riverina region, Tumut is a fantastic place to experience the great outdoors. During your adventures in the area, you will encounter a diverse landscape that is the substance of dreams for many photographers and artists. If you trek across the remote areas of the Riverina region, you will encounter wetlands, forests, plains, lakes, and rivers.

In addition to being a great place for witnessing exciting natural phenomena, Tumut offers a wide array of activities. Classic adventurers can explore the wilderness by rock-climbing, bushwalking, and cycling. If you enjoy the high-octane thrills, you may speed through the wilderness by driving on one of the area’s 4WD tracks. People who simply enjoying relaxing strolls will enjoy experiencing the lowlands near the Australian Alps.

Tumut is also an enchanting place to learn about humanity’s connection with the natural world. Prior to arrival of Europeans, New South Wales was occupied by Aboriginal groups The areas near Tumut are the traditional homelands of the Ngunnawal, Ngarigo, and Wiradjuri people. By exploring the Aboriginal sites and trails near Tumut, you may learn quite a bit about the history and culture of the area. The name of the town was borrowed from ‘Doo-maaht’, a local Aboriginal word that means ‘quiet resting place by the river’. This name is appropriate; you will realise that Tumut is a peaceful area that can soothe your soul.

While Tumut is a quiet town with a small population, it has a strong economy that is supported by timber-related industries. In recent years, tourism has also increased income in the area.

Things to see and do in Tumut

If you are in search of a challenging overland journey that will show you all of the magnificent wonders of the Riverina region, follow the Hume and Hovell Walking Track. Named after two legendary explorers, this walking track will guide you through the dense bushland of Tumut Valley. You will be overjoyed when you see the area’s lush green vegetation, nourishing wetlands, and cold rivers. The Tumut Valley is teeming with life, so keep an eye out for interesting birds and mammals. The entire 440-kilometre trail takes several weeks to complete, but you can enjoy shorter portions if your time is limited.

Tumut, New South Wales

A Juvenile Red-Browed Finch in Tumut Wetlands, NSW.

For a stunning panoramic view of the city, visit Sarah Jeffrey Reserve. This park is just outside of Tumut, but it offers some awe-inspiring views of bushland and the town. Many people enjoy picnics in the serene atmosphere of Sarah Jeffrey Reserve.

Before you leave Tumut, you must visit Kosciuszko National Park. You will be filled with a sense of peace when you see wildflowers that adorn the lowlands during the spring and summer months. This area is also a prime gateway for the Australian Alps, one of the best locations for skiing in the southern hemisphere.

Getting there

Tumut is located 411 kilometres from Sydney, and it can be reached by following the Snowy Mountains Highway. Tumut is easily accessible from Canberra. Australians from every state in the country can reach Tumut for an unforgettable holiday adventure.

Climate conditions

Tumut and the Riverina region have a climate that is cooler than average Australian conditions. The area typically has warm summers and mild winters. The average annual maximum temperature is 21 degrees, and the average annual minimum temperature is 7 degrees. Tumut receives approximately 900 millimetres of rainfall each year.