Elsey National Park Travel Guide

Elsey National Park is an amazing nature reserve that will impress you with its pristine habitats and diverse wildlife. Elsey National Park is located 106 kilometres south of Katherine. From Katherine, you may reach the park by driving along the Stuart Highway. Elsey National Park is 2 kilometres east of Mataranka. Mataranka is an excellent base for adventures in the park, but you may also choose to camp in the wilderness.

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Elsey National Park will impress you with its picturesque tropical forests, calm flowing rivers, and soothing natural springs. Your eyes will be overwhelmed by a lovely world of vibrant colours. In addition to astounding sights, Elsey National Park has a long and interesting history. The Aboriginal people of the Northern Territory lived in Elsey National Park for thousands of years before the arrival of the first European settlers. These native inhabitants relied on the plants and natural resources of the land for survival.

Things to do in Elsey National Park

Visit Bitter Springs for a refreshing swim in one of the park’s most beautiful locations. Bitter Springs has a total length of 500 metres. This body of water is constantly filled by the pure water of an underground spring. When you are not swimming, enjoy a rejuvenating nap under one of the cabbage palms that adorn the shore.

Bitter Mataranka Springs – Elsey National Park, Northern Territory

Bitter Springs Mataranka these hot springs are a popular tourist destination in the Northern Territory.

Continue to explore by visiting Mataranka Thermal Springs. This location is a warm pool of water that will soothe your sore muscles after a day of exploring. Mataranka’s water temperature is about 30 degrees, so you will be able to relax on the surface of the water as your stresses melt away from your mind. Rainbow Springs is also a suitable location for a reflective day on the water.

When you’re ready for unforgettable sights and aquatic activities, follow the bushwalking tracks to the Waterhouse River. The Waterhouse River is a great place for kayaking, fishing, and other sports. You will be filled with joy when you catch a massive trophy fish after a long battle.

Elsey National Park weather this week


The park and the surrounding areas have a comfortable climate. Throughout the year, you can expect monthly average minimum temperatures between 13 and 24 degrees. The monthly average maximum temperatures range from 30 to 38 degrees. During the wet season, Elsey National Park receives about 280 millimetres of monthly rainfall.

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