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Finke Gorge National Park
Travel Guide – Northern Territory

Finke Gorge National Park Travel Guide

Finke Gorge National Park is a magnificent nature reserve near Namitjira, Northern Territory. The park covers an area of 460 square-kilometres, and it is filled with diverse plants and animals. You will be amazed by the sheer beauty of the desert landscape and the deep gorges. Finke Gorge National Park is a harsh land that will challenge your bush skills and mental fortitude, but you will be rewarded by incredible views of the natural world.

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Finke Gorge National Park is located 1,300 kilometres south of Darwin, and it can be difficult to access. Since the park is situated in one of the Northern Territory’s most remote regions, you should come prepared with plenty of water and provisions. Finke Gorge and the surrounding areas have an arid climate, and you can expect hot conditions.

Things to do in Finke Gorge National Park

During your exhilarating adventures in Finke Gorge National Park, you will stumble upon vast desert landscapes that are protected by impressive stone giants. These massive rock formations will surely take your breath away. If you can climb to the highest lookouts in the park, you will be satisfied by picturesque views of expansive plains, craggy mountains, and majestic sandstone formations. Your eyes will be overwhelmed by painted scenes of red and gold hues.

Finke Gorge National Park is an excellent location for exciting activities. With its rugged paths and raw wilderness areas, the park is a prime area for 4WD adventures. Finke Gorge National Park also offers unforgettable bushwalking and sightseeing opportunities.

Finke National Park, Northern Territory

Rock pools in Palm Valley, Finke National Park, NT.

You may also learn about the stories and culture of the Western Arrente Aboriginal people. The Western Arrente Aborigines occupied the lands around Finke Gorge National Park for thousands of years. During your adventures in the park, you may encounter the ruins of old Aboriginal villages. The park has cultural centres and trails that are dedicated to the traditional owners of Finke Gorge.

Finke Gorge National Park is known for its iconic desert landscapes, but it also shelters the beautiful Palm Valley. Palm Valley is a bastion of life in the harsh climate of the desert. The Finke River cuts through the centre of Palm Valley, so you will encounter a lush world of plants and animals. Take some time to explore the unique geographical features of the area, or keep an eye out for rare species. You may encounter the valley’s endemic red cabbage palm. This species is only located in the Palm Valley, and there are fewer than 3,000 individual plants in existence. Tread carefully to ensure that you do not damage this amazing ecological wonder. If you travel quietly through the valley, you may also stumble upon wallabies and other mammals.

After a long day of bushwalking, plunge into the refreshing waters of the Finke River. Your senses will be rejuvenated as the pure water washes over your skin. Continue your stunning quest through the wilderness by climbing to a high lookout. On a sunny day, this climb can be quite arduous. When you finally reach an ideal vantage point, you will be shocked and awed by a red rocky landscape that is adorned by lush greenery.

To learn about the Aboriginal perspective of Finke Gorge National Park, trek along the Mpaara Walk. This is an easy track, and you will learn about the mythology of the local Aborigines. Complete your grand adventure in the park by trekking to Kalarranga Lookout. Kalarranga Lookout will show a panoramic view of the Finke Gorge’s most iconic wonders.

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