Judbarra / Gregory National Park Travel Guide

Located in the heart of the Northern Territory’s wilderness, Gregory National Park is an amazing natural wonder that will feed your desire to explore the great outdoors. Also known as Judbarra, Gregory National Park is a remarkable location that is known for its beauty. With a total area of 1.3 million hectares, Judbarra is one of the Northern Territory’s largest parks. The size of the park is rivalled only by Kakadu National Park.

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Gregory National Park is located just 360 kilometres south of Darwin, but you will need a 4WD vehicle to access many areas of the park. Due to rugged terrain and frequent obstacles, your vehicle should have a high clearance. Gregory National Park can also receive heavy rainfall, so you should be watchful for flooding and treacherous roads during the wet season.

Gregory National Park has a transitional climate between the tropical and semi-arid zones. You can expect warm conditions throughout the entire year. Due to frequent rainfall and warm conditions, diverse plants and animals flourish in the park. When you arrive in the park, you will be amazed by lush forests that are populated by hundreds of species of plants. Explore the dense forested areas of the park, or trek along limestone deposits to appreciate stunning sedimentary wonders. Gregory National Park is also listed as an important bird area by BirdLife International. During your adventures in the park, you may experience incredible creatures like the Gouldian finch and the white-quilled rock pigeon. You may also earn the rare opportunity to see a yellow-rumped mannikin.


Things to do in Gregory National Park

You will be awed by the park’s rivers, forests, rock formations, and tracks. These pristine geographical features remain untouched by humans, so you will be able to admire chaotic areas of vegetation and orderly stone formations. The park also has hundreds of kilometres of rugged 4WD tracks that attract thousands of visitors each year. You may also enjoy fishing, camping, and bushwalking.

Bullita Stock Route – Gregory National Park, Northern Territory

A Toyota Landcruiser off-road vehicle along the remote Bullita Stock Route in Gregory National Park, NT.

Visit the Humbart River. The Humbart River is a lovely waterway that is known for its forested shores and sparkling water. While the water may tempt you to go for a swim, you should avoid entering the river. All of Judbarra’s waterways are populated by saltwater crocodiles throughout the year. The Humbart River is an excellent location for a fishing adventure. Feel the thrills of challenging the wilderness by catching one of the river’s large and challenging game targets.

After a rejuvenating day by the water, go on a 4WD adventure. If you are ready for a long trek across the wilderness, follow the Bullita Stock Route. This one-way track is 92 kilometres in length, and you will see beautiful limestone formations and lovely forest scenery. The terrain is difficult near East Baines, so you should have some experience with 4WD vehicles before you attempt to complete the Bullita Stock Route.

For a shorter adventure, follow the Limestone Gorge track. This 6-kilometre path will guide you to Calcite Flow, an area of beautiful sedimentary deposits. You may also explore several popular bushwalking areas.


This park is an amazing place to learn about the history of Australia’s indigenous inhabitants. Gregory National Park was home to over nine Aboriginal groups. These people were speakers of languages from the Pama Nyungan and Non-Pama Nyungan groups. The park offers numerous amazing opportunities to learn about the diverse cultural customs and stories of the Aboriginal people. When you explore the most isolated areas of the wilderness, you may stumble upon ancient rock art and the ruins of villages.

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