Kakadu National Park Travel Guide

Located in a remote area of Australia’s Northern Territory, Kakadu National Park is full of natural treasures. Covering nearly two million hectares, Kakadu National Park is a massive area with wild diverse environments. When you visit the park’s coastal plains, sandstone formations and rivers, you will be awed by incredible views of intricate geological features and waterfalls.

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Untouched by the amenities of modern living, Kakadu National Park is a well-preserved area that showcases thousands of years of cultural history for the Aboriginal people. Travel back in time to learn about the lifestyles of the ancient Aboriginal people. By exploring the caves of Kakadu National Park, you’ll be able to see beautiful cave paintings created by the ancestors of the contemporary Aboriginal people.

Things to do in Kakadu National Park

If you are interested in learning more about the people of Kakadu National Park, go to Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre. Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre has Aboriginal guides and anthropologists who can provide you with an educational tour of the park. During the tour, these experts will teach you about the culture and daily practices of the Aboriginal people. The local aboriginal people are recognised as the official custodians of Kakadu National Park. For an adventurous cultural experience, go to Nourlangie Rock. Nourlangie Rock is a massive sandstone formation that juts out of the Arnhem Land Escarpment. Below Nourlangie Rock, you will find ancient Aboriginal rock art.

Nourlangie Rock – Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

Mystical aborigene rock paintings in Kakadu nationalpark in Northern Territory.

After you have reflected on the historical significance of Kakadu National Park, go to Arnhem Land Plateau. Located on the eastern edge of the park, Arnhem Land Plateau is a gargantuan formation of moss-covered boulders and rocks. While the area is harsh, the moss-covered stones serve as evidence that life can flourish. In certain areas of Kakadu National Park, the Arnhem Land Plateau gradually rises to the heavens. Explore the land around the plateau by going to Ubirr. When you reach the top of the Arnhem Land Plateau, you will be rewarded with an amazing view of the horizon in every direction. When you experience the peaceful isolation of this area, you will understand what true freedom feels like.

Travel to the southern region of Kakadu National Park to trek across rolling hills and ridges. This area is covered with volcanic rocks and lush landscapes, and you may encounter rare species. Keep an eye out for the exotic Gouldian finch. After a day of exhausting bushwalking, go to Twin Falls Gorge. As its name suggests, this gorge houses two incredible waterfalls.

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