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Located over 300 kilometres southwest of Darwin, Katherine is a town in Australia’s Northern Territory. While the town of Katherine is known for interesting museums and Aboriginal art products, the true wonders of the area are in the wilderness.

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With an area of approximately 480,000 square-kilometres, the area around Katherine is massive. Travel across the pristine landscape in search of exciting activities like caving and canoeing.

Things to do in Katherine

When you visit Katherine, take some time to travel to Katherine Gorge. Katherine Gorge is one of the most recognisable areas in the Northern Territory, and you will be impressed by its stunning views. Katherine Gorge is characterised by dry crimson landscape that is accompanied by pure flowing water. While the landscape can seem inhospitable, the waterways of Katherine support diverse flora and fauna. Admire the sandstone cliffs of the gorge as you travel along the edge of the Katherine River. Some of these cliffs tower as high as 70 metres, so you’ll feel as if you are a visitor in a world of giants.

Edith Falls – Katherine, Northern Territory

Woman sitting on rocks at the natural pools of Edith Falls in Nitmiluk National Park in Northern Territory.

For thousands of years, Katherine Gorge has been an important location for the Aboriginal people of the Northern Territory. Learn about the history and culture of these people by admiring rock art on the walls of cliffs and caves. For a truly enlightening experience, participate in a guided tour. The park is managed by the Jawoyn Aboriginal people, so a tour may grant you the perspective of an indigenous person.

If you are looking for a truly adventurous experience, tour the park by bushwalking across terrain that is equally treacherous and beautiful. Enjoy a multi-day excursion by visiting dark caverns, rushing waterfalls, towering cliffs, and winding rivers. For a difficult challenge, go to the upper gorge system. The upper gorge system is an area of raw wilderness that is rarely visited by casual travellers.

To access Katherine Gorge, go to Nitmiluk National Park. Nitmiluk National Park is located near Katherine, but you will need to leave town early in the morning to enjoy a full day of activities in Katherine Gorge. For a night of camping in the park, go to Nitmiluk Caravan Park. After you arrive in the beautifully rugged park, travel to Katherine Gorge by following the Gorge Road. This road is well-maintained, and you will not need a 4WD vehicle. You may wish to avoid this area of the Northern Territory between November and April due to frequent periods of heavy rainfall.

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