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Litchfield National Park
Travel Guide – Northern Territory

Litchfield National Park Travel Guide

With a total area of 1,500 square-kilometres, Litchfield National Park is a large wilderness area in Australia’s Northern Territory. The northern entrance to Litchfield National Park is located 100 kilometres southwest of Darwin. The park is renowned for its beautiful waterfalls and pools of blue water.

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When you visit one of Litchfield National Park’s amazing cascades, you will be filled with feelings of peace and happiness. Along with incredible natural scenery, Litchfield National Park is filled with interesting historical sites. From sacred Aboriginal ceremonial sites to European exploration locations, Litchfield offers many opportunities for you to learn about the rich history of Australia’s Northern Territory.

Things to do in Litchfield National Park

Begin your adventure through Litchfield National Park by visiting Florence Falls. In the local Aboriginal language, this waterfall is known as Karrimurra. Karrimurra is located about 1.5 kilometres from a parking lot, so you can trek to the falls within an hour. When you reach Florence Falls, you will be awed by the serene appearance of a series of segmented waterfalls. The highest point of Florence Falls is 64 metres above the main pool. There is also a nearby overlook that will allow you to see every segment of Florence Falls.

After you admire the awesome views of the cascades, take a dip in the cold refreshing water of the pool below Florence Falls. After you have swam to your heart’s content, return to the rocky edge of the pool to relax. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings while you listen to the gentle barrage of water pouring into the pool.

Wangi Falls – Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory

A camp setup at the Wangi Falls campsite in Litchfield National Park, NT.

Travel to Wangi Falls to enjoy one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the Northern Territory. With a total height of 84 metres, Wangi Falls is a liquid giant. Surrounded by lush vegetation, the various shades of blue and green will make the scenery seem like well-crafted paintings. The pool below Wangi Falls is filled with clear water, so be sure to wade in the chilly water. Wangi Falls is a powerful cascade, so avoid the area of the pool directly beneath the descending water. Swimming is also not advisable after periods of heavy rainfall.

If you are looking for an isolated area to enjoy beautiful cascades, go to Tjaetaba Falls. Located in Greenant Creek, this waterfall feeds into an clear pool of pure water. The lower pool is listed as a sacred Aboriginal site, but you can enjoy swimming in the area of water above the falls.

After you have experienced some of the greatest waterfalls in the park, go bushwalking on the Florence Creek Walk. This difficult 22-kilometre trek will take you two days to complete, but you will be rewarded with awe-inspiring scenery.

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