Nitmiluk National Park Travel Guide

Nitmiluk National Park is a fantastic nature reserve that is situated in the heart of the Northern Territory’s untouched wilderness. Nitmiluk National Park shelters a diverse land of gorges and rivers. You will be impressed by a refreshing world of dramatic cliffs and picturesque rock formations. When you visit the park, you will surely escape many of the dull aspects of modern living.

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The park is located 244 kilometres southeast of Darwin. Nitmiluk National Park covers an area of approximately 3,000 square-kilometres. When you arrive in the park, you will immediately discover a vast world with limitless opportunities for exploration. Trek across the rugged landscape by following a popular bushwalking track, or tour the entire park by joining an aerial touring party.

Things to do in Nitmiluk National Park

Nitmiluk will offer you countless opportunities to learn about its ancient geological features. This area is home to the world-famous Katherine Gorge. This magnificent series of 13 gorges is characterised by colourful cliffs and sparkling waters. Learn about the creation of the igneous and sedimentary features that adorn the park before you explore winding rivers. Nitmiluk National Park is also an incredible place for kayaking, fishing, and bushwalking.

Nitmiluk National Park supports a large community of birds. Some of the most common avian species in the park are cockatoos, ospreys, honey-eaters, and red-winged parrots. The endangered Gouldian finch also resides in the habitats of Nitmiluk. A section of Nitmiluk National Park is listed as an important bird area by BirdLife International.

Nitmiluk National Park, Northern Territory

Kids jumping into natural pool at Edith Falls aka Leliyn Falls, Nitmiluk National Park NT.

Begin your legendary adventure by bushwalking along the historical Jatbula Trail. This path was frequently used by the Jawoyn people. The Jatbula Trail stretches across the pristine wilderness for 58 kilometres. The terrain of this trail is rugged and challenging, so you should be prepared with advanced bush skills and provisions. During your long journey, you will encounter forests, waterfalls, and ancient cliffs. Well-preserved works of Aboriginal rock art are visible from certain areas of the trail.

If you are looking for a shorter adventure, follow the Windolf Walk. The Windolf Walk will guide you along the Katherine River until you reach Pat’s Lookout. Pat’s Lookout is a popular destination for sightseers, so you can be sure that you will be impressed by awe-inspiring panoramic views of Katherine Gorge.

Continue your adventure by traveling to Edith Falls. Edith Falls has been an exciting attraction for thousands of years. When you arrive at this site, take some time to reflect on your journey through the wilderness. You will feel a sense of serenity when the damp air envelops your body as you hear the barrage of water.

Nitmiluk National Park weather this week


Nitmiluk National Park and the surrounding areas receive warm to hot conditions throughout the entire year. The average monthly temperatures in the area range from 15 to 37 degrees. The park has a dry season and a wet season. During periods of heavy rainfall, saltwater crocodiles may enter the park. Saltwater crocodiles can be dangerous, so you may wish to visit Nitmiluk during the dry season.


Nitmiluk was a ceremonial location for the local Aboriginal people for thousands of years, and it is still regarded as a place of spiritual importance. In the local Aboriginal language of Jawoyn, Nitmiluk means ‘the place of cicada dreaming’. This name perfectly captures the majestic features of the park’s wildlife and geography. During your adventures in Nitmiluk National Park, you will likely learn about the culture and stories of the Jawoyn people. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your worldview.

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