Tiwi Islands Travel Guide

Located 80 kilometres north of Darwin, the Tiwi Islands are easy to access from the Northern Territory’s mainland. As the second largest Australian island group, the Tiwi Islands rest on the boundary of the Arafur and Timor seas.

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Visiting the Tiwi Islands is, however, a special opportunity for travellers. Unlike the governments of other areas of Australia, the government of the Tiwi Islands requires guests to apply for a permit before visiting. In addition to owning a permit, you will also be required to bring an Aboriginal guide who will help you navigate the land of the Tiwi Islands.

Historically, the Tiwi Islands were important during humanity’s migration to Australia and Polynesia. Historians believe that the Tiwi Islands have been occupied by the Aboriginal people for over 7,000 years. This island group consists of 11 islands. The two largest islands are known as Melville and Bathurst. In addition to these two locations, this group consists of nine uninhabited islands. With a total area of 8,320 square-kilometres, the Tiwi Islands are full of amazing views of forests, beaches, lagoons, and rock formations.

Things to do on the Tiwi Islands

Unlike Australia’s modern urban centres, the Aboriginal people are the largest demographic group on the Tiwi Islands. This has resulted in the predominance of the Aboriginal culture on the islands. When you visit one of the islands, you will be expected to adhere to local rules and customs.

When you gain access to the Tiwi Islands, you will immediately be impressed by secluded beaches and healthy rain forests. After your eyes have feasted on the vibrant scenery, take a moment to rest while listening to your surroundings. You will hear a chorus of insects and tropical birds. If you venture into the remote areas of the island, you may encounter some amazing creatures. From sea turtles to saltwater crocodiles, the Tiwi Islands are home to many species.

In the major population centres of the Tiwi Islands, you will feel like an outsider due to the culture and language of the Aboriginal people. A friendly Aboriginal guide may grant you access to rare cultural opportunities. For example, you may learn a traditional song or story from outgoing locals. Go to an Aboriginal market on Melville or Bathurst to browse crafts and eat fresh food.

For an exciting turn of events, go fishing with some locals. Due to the conservation practices of the Aboriginal people, the healthy waters near the Tiwi Islands are full of game targets and tropical fish. You will find fierce challenges that will test your fishing skills.

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