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West MacDonnell National Park
Travel Guide – Northern Territory

West MacDonnell National Park Travel Guide

Located in the Tyurretye area of Australia’s Northern Territory, West MacDonnell National Park is an awe-inspiring nature reserve that will rekindle your adventurous spirit. As its name suggests, West MacDonnell National Park shelters one of the greatest mountain ranges in Australia. Colloquially known as the West Macs, the West MacDonnell Ranges consist of legendary mountains. When you visit the park, your breath will be taken away by watchful stone guardians. Your eyes will feast on a world of colours. During the evenings, the landscape burns with various hues of red and orange as the sun dips below the ranges. From one of the park’s many ideal lookouts, you will see an expansive landscape of dramatic red mountains that are occasionally adorned with greenery.

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This portion of the West Macs is located 1,230 kilometres south of Darwin. While the park is situated in a remote area of Australia, it is near Alice Springs. You may visit Alice Springs for accommodations and provisions before you enter the wilderness. Before you enter the park, you should have plenty of water and provisions. West MacDonnell National Park is located in area of Australia that is known as the Red Centre.

Things to do in West MacDonnell National Park

With its many kilometres of walking tracks and views, West MacDonnell National Park is suitable for bushwalking, cycling, and other cross-country activities. If you have a passion for high-octane sports, you may also enjoy speeding across treacherous landscapes with a 4WD vehicle. Since the park covers an area of approximately 2,600 square-kilometres, you will certainly be able to enjoy all of these great activities in a serene environment.

Begin your adventure on a high note by walking along the famous Larapinta Trail. Larapinta Trail is a 223-kilometre walking track that is recommended for only the most experienced bushwalkers. Due to its harsh conditions and rough terrain, this trail will test your skills and mental fortitude. The Larapinta Trail spans from Alice Springs to Mount Sonder. During your adventure across the West Macs, you will see rocky cliffs, craggy peaks, and expansive lands of stone. You will also encounter a vast community of woody plants. While the Larapinta Trail offers an intense natural challenge, it is also a great way to learn about human history. The area around the trail is the traditional homeland of the Arrente Aboriginal people.

Continue your journey through the wilderness by visiting Simpsons Gap. Situated 24 kilometres west of Alice Springs, Simpsons Gap is an impressive gorge. Walk through the dramatic passage between two towering rock formations to reach a refreshing waterhole. Simpsons Gap is one of the most popular attractions in the West Macs.

If you enjoy swimming, go to Ellery Creek Bighole. This location is a large waterhole that is surrounded by picturesque picnic areas. Soothe your nerves in the cool water before enjoying a tasty meal with your companions.

Ellery Creek – West Macdonnell National Park, Northern Territory

People on Ellery Creek Bighole in West Mac Donnell Range – a nice liitle lake for swimming in outback of Northern Territory.

West Macdonnell weather this week


The Red Centre receives some of the most extreme weather conditions in the world. During the summer months, you can expect temperatures to rise beyond 45 degrees. The average minimum temperature during the winter months is 5 degrees. Many Australians visit the West Macs during the winter season to avoid the dangerous summer conditions. If you decide to experience the relentless conditions, you must be well-conditioned.

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