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Atherton Tablelands
Travel Guide – Queensland

Atherton Tablelands Travel Guide

The Atherton Tablelands are part of the largest plateau in the Great Diving Range. This region of Queensland is an expansive stretch of arable land that is full of natural beauty. Explore this area of Australia to encounter lush landscapes and diverse wildlife. The Atherton area is located in the tropical zone of Queensland, but its high elevation ensures that it receives more temperate conditions. This allows farmers to raise both domestic animals and diverse crops. When you explore the Atherton Tablelands, you will quickly discover that agriculture plays an important role in the area’s culture.

Things to see and do in the Atherton Tablelands

To fully experience the wonders of this region of Queensland, you must visit a local farm. The Atherton Tablelands cover an area of approximately 32,000 square-kilometres, so you will have plenty of farm-stays to choose from. Your rural experience will include access to the freshest tasty fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. The lands in this region are capable of growing many tropical fruits, so you will surely enjoy a unique experience. This is an excellent opportunity to taste options that are not regularly available in grocery stores. These local products are also sold in farmers’ markets throughout the Atherton Tablelands.

For a unforgettable aquatic adventure, visit the Barron River. The Barron River is the largest waterway in the Atherton Tablelands, and it is surrounded by lush plains and forests. Bushwalk along the banks of the rivers to enjoy serene views, or navigate the waters with a boat. With a kayak, you can easily access the Barron River’s numerous bends and inlets. These are suitable locations for exciting activities. Quietly paddle across the water to watch interesting avian species, or cast a line to begin a day of fishing.

Barron River – Atherton Tablelands, Queensland

View down The Barron River in Tropical North Queensland.

If you enjoy learning about Australian culture and history, visit the town Herberton. Herberton is a historical town that was important during the years after Australia’s colonisation. Learn about the pioneering history of Australia by watching colonial re-enactments. You may also enjoy a self-guided tour of the area’s historical landmarks. Herberton has over 50 fully restored government buildings and homesteads from the 19th century.

Treat yourself to splendid views of dramatic waterfalls by visiting Davies Creek National Park. If you walk along a two-kilometre trail from a parking lot, you can reach the incredible Davies Creek Falls. This is one of the most frequently visited natural attractions in the Atherton Tablelands. Listen to the constant patter of falling water while you admire your beautiful surroundings.

For a subterranean tour of the Atherton Tablelands, travel to the Chillagoe-Mungana Caves. These impressive limestone caverns are filled with marvellous Aboriginal rock art and intricate formations. If you join a touring party, you may be able to learn about the spiritual significance of this location to the local indigenous Australians.