Bowen Travel Guide

Located on the eastern coast of Queensland, Bowen is a gorgeous holiday destination with plenty of exciting marine activities. While the beaches of the area are soft and comfortable, most of the eastern coast is rocky and untamed. Climb to the top of a tall granite cliff to admire the fascinating ocean views.

With a population of approximately 10,300 people, Bowen is a calm place. You will be able to enjoy a pleasant mixture of lovely natural views and modern amenities without the distractions of large cities. Brisbane is nearly 1,200 kilometres away from Bowen, so you do not need to worry about encountering heavy traffic and other urban annoyances. Be prepared to be awed by a serene world of lovely sounds and sights. Listen to the music of seabirds and crashing waves as you admire the granite boulders that adorn the shore. Queens Beach is one of the best places in the area to view the sights of Bowen.

Things to see and do in Bowen

If you would like to go on an exhilarating adventure, use a kayak or sailboat to navigate off the coast. If you do not have a small vessel to navigate the waters near Bowen, you can charter a boat from a company in Bowen. Many of these companies will provide you with a boat, fishing gear, bait, and food for your fishing adventure. If you travel to the off-shore waters near the town, you may be able to catch large game targets. Fishing from the outcroppings on the surf beaches is also a great option.

Horseshoe Bay – Bowen, Queensland

Clear blue skies at Horseshoe Bay.

For a rejuvenating day on warm sands, visit Horseshoe Bay. Horseshoe Bay has a marvellous beach that is frequently visited by holiday-goers from various towns in Queensland. Rest in the radiance of the sun before you plunge into the cool water. Have some fun by hopping over waves, or dive to the seafloor to collect shells. The deep waters of Horseshoe Bay shelter a reef where you’ll be inspired by a colourful world of coral, fish, and sea turtles before you finally return to the surface. If you would prefer an area that isn’t usually visited by travellers, go to Murrays Bay. This location is popular among locals, and it is home to the lovely Cape Edgecumbe walk.