Bundaberg Travel Guide

Bundaberg is one of the most important cities in the Bay-Burnett region of Queensland. This area is a major centre for agriculture in Australia. While Bundaberg’s economy was dependent on the sugar industry, it now relies more on food exports and tourism.

This area has lovely architecture and historical exhibits, but its most attractive destinations are located in the wilderness near the city. When you visit Bundaberg, you will have opportunities to go on grand adventures near the Burnett River and Coral Sea. Explore Bundaberg’s nearby pure wilderness, and be amazed by breathtaking views.

Things to see and do in Bundaberg

Bundaberg is known as the citrus capital of Queensland, so make an effort to visit an orange orchard. You will have the opportunity to tour a peaceful orchard before trying some of the sweetest citrus fruits in Australia. If you prefer savoury fruits, tour one of Bundaberg’s olive farms. Enjoy the pleasant tastes of fresh olives on local biscuits. After you have tasted some of the greatest agricultural products of Bundaberg, go to a winery. Bundaberg’s wineries produce a variety of delicious wines, so enjoy a tasting session with your companions.

Join a boat charter to go off the coast and explore the legendary Coral Sea. Known for its famous reefs, the Coral Sea is a beautiful location with turquoise water and pristine beaches.

Mon Repos Beach – Bundaberg, Queensland

Rocky sandy beach on Mon Repos Beach near Bundaberg on a beautiful blue sky day.

If you enjoy geology, take a trip to the Mystery Craters. The Mystery Craters are located 27 kilometres north of Bundaberg. You will see amazing sandstone formations that will teach you about the geological history of the area.

Climate conditions

The Bundaberg region has a subtropical climate. During the summer months, expect hot temperatures with heavy rainfall. Weather during the winter months is usually mild, and the temperature rarely dips below 10 degrees. Bundaberg receives approximately 1,200 millimetres of rainfall. Many people prefer to visit Bundaberg during the dry season.