Caloundra Travel Guide

Caloundra is a coastal town in Queensland, and is a great holiday destination for Australians who are searching for a beautiful coastal area that does not receive many international tourists. Located on the world-famous Sunshine Coast, Caloundra is a peaceful place with pristine ocean views. Walk to the edge of the town’s boardwalk to gaze at a massive stretch of pure turquoise water. After you admire the initial views of Caloundra, walk along one of the area’s beaches to be amazed by the white sands, dramatic rock formations, and interesting wildlife.

Things to see and do in Caloundra

Lovers of relaxing days on the sand will enjoy visiting Bulcock Beach. Bulcock is the most popular attraction in Caloundra. This fantastic seaside location is situated near a calm area of water that is suitable for swimming. If you use snorkelling gear, you may be able to collect gorgeous shells in deeper areas. Dicky Beach is a another local destination that is frequently visited by surfers and boaters. Sightseers frequently visit Golden Beach for its scenery. As its name suggests, Golden Beach has a stretch of gold sands that seems to glitter under the sunlight.

Kayak across the calm waters of Pumicestone Passage. This narrow passage between Caloundra and Bribie Island is protected from the ocean, so you will see a calm stretch of milky indigo water. Pumicestone Passage is also a marvellous area for fishing adventures. Use an angler kayak to reach an ideal fishing spot, and test your luck with your favourite rod.

Dicky Beach – Caloundra, Queensland

Dicky Beach with a shipwreck remains.

If you would like a break from the sea, visit the Mooloolah River. This is a tidal river that will amaze you with its hidden coves, tall cliffs, and secluded beaches. Use a small boat to explore the numerous treasures of the Mooloolah River.

Climate conditions

Caloundra has a tropical climate that makes it a suitable destination throughout the year. You can expect the area’s monthly average temperatures to range from 11 to 28 degrees. The area receives over 1,600 millimetres of rainfall each year.