Dunk Island Travel Guide

Dunk Island is popular holiday destination near the Great Barrier Reef. Located 4 kilometres off the eastern coast of Queensland, Dunk Island is a paradise that will amaze you with its pristine natural views.


Dunk Island has an interesting history that you can learn about by exploring the island’s wilderness areas. Dunk Island was originally inhabited by people from the Bandjin and Diru Aboriginal groups. These people lived on the island for over 10,000 years. They relied on the rich marine resources for survival, so the ocean is strongly connected to their customs and traditions. In the local language, the island is known as Coonanglebah. This name translates to English as ‘island of peace and plenty’. When you experience the soothing surroundings of Dunk Island, you will realise that Coonanglebah perfectly describes the area’s best features.

Things to see and do on Dunk Island

Your trip to Dunk Island is not complete until you explore the reefs that rest in the waters near the main island. Use snorkelling or diving gear to explore a colourful underwater world of granite, corals, and shells. You will be shocked and awed by the marvellous sights of interesting sea creatures. Hundreds of fish species reside in the reefs. You may also spot sea turtles and shellfish.

Dunk Island, Queensland

A couple sunbathing on the tropical island of Dunk, off the North Queensland coast on the Great Barrier Reef.

Dunk Island is a part of the beautiful Family Islands National Park. As a protected area, the island has minimal man-made distractions. Dunk Island and Family Islands National Park are included in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage area. These areas are listed due to their cultural and ecological importance to Earth. During you adventures in the forested areas of Dunk Island, you will surely encounter diverse wildlife. Dunk Island shelters over 100 avian species. Keep an eye out for seabirds, terns, and noddies. The island has few natural predators, so the communities of birds thrive and flourish on Dunk Island. If you explore the deepest areas of the island’s rain forest, you may spot pythons, tree snakes, and other reptiles.

Climate conditions

Dunk Island has a tropical climate that is regulated by the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The annual average temperature of Dunk Island is 29 degrees.